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The Life and Joys of St. Louis

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avatar Darth Spookoden
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Boy
Hey guys! Here's my entry for Chiaroscuro's Writing Contest

Hope you enjoy!

The Life and Joys of St. Louis

Written by Darth Theoden

The sight of buildings all around amazed me. Some tall or short, skinny and squat, fancy or dirty. Some with shiny windows, others with mere dirt screens.

That is how I described it when I went to St. Louis. It was only a month ago, but the memories are still fresh in my head. I suppose while it’s still on my mind, I can share the story.

So here we go.

When I woke up on that Friday morning, I could feel the sun shining down on my face. I looked tiredly out the window and saw the glowing orange sky. It was only six in the morning when everyone was packing for the trip. I suddenly felt the tingling sensation running up and down my spine, mixed with nervousness and excitement. I COULD NOT wait to see beautiful St. Louis. Gleaming towers that seem to scrape the blue sky. The hustle and bustle of the people. And, of course, the Arch! It is taller than all of the buildings and as AWESOME! And even better, my parents said we could go inside the Arch!! I absolutely did not mind travelling at least two hundred miles to reach St. Louis. The air in the car was really humid and the drive was mind-draining. Every minute, someone asked “Are we there yet?” and the answer was always “No.” Thank god we had a Movie Player. When we FINALLY reached St. Louis, I was flabbergasted. Astonished. Amazed. There were more buildings beyond counting. The hustle and bustle of people was cheerful and calm. The river gleamed & glowed as it winds calmly through the city. And, finally, we saw the looming Arch behind the city. I stopped in my tracks and looked up at it. “Wow,” I murmured softly to myself. “It is quite beautiful!” After looking in awe of the city, we went to search for a good, lip-smacking lunch. Eventually, we saw the perfect-o place. A good ol’ burrito at Chipotle was anyone could plea for. After lunch, we traveled to park our car. It took a really long time. When we were finally done, we walked over to the Arch, which was nearby. It only took six minutes to reach the grass area under the Arch. When I looked up again into the blue sky, I saw the looming Arch. “Oh my god,” I said in awe. “It is soooooo tall!”

“It’s quite amazing, isn’t it?” Mom inquiried”

“Yeah, totally!” My little brother, Ephraim, said.

“Like me?” My older brother, Josiah, chimed in with a laugh.

“Oh, shut up,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Let’s just GO already!”

“Sounds like a plan!” Dad said. We all walked towards the booth where they sold tickets. We bought our tickets and waited in a long, long, LONG line.

“Oh man,” I moaned, “This is going to take FOR-EV-ER to get inside.”

“Quit your whining, bro!” Josiah said with a smirk.

“Shut up, again.” I growled.

“Guys, stop arguing, we will get there!” Ephraim said.

Ephraim was correct. Although we waited like three hours (maybe four), we turned in our tickets and went inside. We waited in ANOTHER long line to get in the pods.

The pods were like mini-elevators, only there were seats and they had eight pods. While we waited for our pod, I read through the brochure. It was quite interesting, and it made me even more excited. Then, finally!, the pods came down. The doors opened and we got inside the pods.

Inside the pods was a bit cramped, but that didn’t bother since I was really excited It took about four minutes, but we eventually reached the top. We climbed up the stairs and inside the top of the Arch.

Let me just say, the view was AWESOME! I could hundreds of miles across the city, and even further! I was TOTALLY in awe. I took some pictures. Wait. Not some. ALOT of pictures! After we took some pictures (and look in awe at the city down below), we got back into the pods and went back down to the Arch lobby. We headed out in search of our hotel.

Well that’s only part of it. There’s more, but I don’t have time. Bye!!!!

Welp that's the story!
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