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The Master List of Items/Mobs/Blocks in Minecraft

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Looking for a list of everything in the game?

I use this spreadsheet to keep a master list off the things in Minecraft
crafting ingredients

There is over 1600 entries of things Mojang has added to the game as of 1.17
Gotta Keep track of everything!
Probably only about 80% of all the data it could have, but it's a far better place to start than reading every wiki page or block ID in game to get a complete list of what you could possibly be looking for.

Google Drive/Sheets link! . Download a copy and do what ya want with it. :)
I originally made this to help keep track of my Minecraft server's shop/economy and added a number of formulas and features you may (or may not) use yourself.

Think of a better way to manage these data points? or got a list of more data to add to it? comment below/share!

I use this to keep track of everything in my Redstone Utility texture pack and use my Test world to keep organized :)

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