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The Minecraft Connection: The Wither

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Triple2712 avatar Triple2712
Level 32 : Artisan Caveman
So you wanna hear another one, aye? Alrighty then.

Long ago in a small village known as Menestreal, a young boy's mother was mysteriously killed in a freak accident. Convinced her death wasn't an accident, he journeyed into the forest to find a witch, which he believed to be the cause of it. He searched for many days, but found nothing, until one day he spotted a small shack hidden in the marsh. He entered immediately...

The boy went inside to find nothing but a chest and a cauldron. He quickly became distraught and afraid he wouldn't be able to get home, now realising he was lost in the marshlands. He decided to open the chest, to see if there was anything of value. All he found was a strange, star sort of relic. He placed it in his pocket and marched off.

Years later, the boy still lost in the marsh, had become engaged in magic. Using a cauldron made of plywood, he was creating a potion which he thought would give him eternal life, so that he could eventually bring revenge on the witch that killed his mother.

He had many objects in the mixture he was brewing. Slime balls, swamp water, slugs and dytrodian beetles, bat wings and fish heads. All of it was placed in the brew. With a few so called 'magic' words the boy thought he had created the potion, but the only effect was a severe case of diarrhoea. Angry and disappointed, he threw all his possessions in the brew. Eventually it came down to the star object he found many years ago. He dropped it in, and the brew suddenly turned a horrible black colour. A screech rose from the marsh. A horrible, ear-splitting scream which could've frightened even the toughest of warriors.

A few days after the screech spread throughout the land, a large terrifying creature emerged into Menestreal. Villagers fled as it destroyed their houses, crops and livestock. Everyone who challenged the creature vanished before it's horrible might. It was truly a terrible sight.

After the creature had destroyed many villages, a warrior trapped the creature in a sword bestowed upon him by the King himself. He broke the sword into two pieces, and dropped them into the nether realm, hoping to never see either again. A short time afterwards, a horrible material started to spawn in the nether, as well as a frightening mob. The kingdom's officials assumed this was all part of the realm on its evolutionary path. Oh how they were wrong...

A year or so later, a wizard crossed heads of the new mob and the new material in a mixture, hoping to unlock some sort of new potion. The creature was summoned once more, although the wizard being extremely powerful, was able to slay it. After this, it continued to be summoned throughout Minecraftia. Many fell to its power, but eventually the discovery of new minerals allowed the creation of new, more powerful weapons and protection. As it continued to be accidentally summoned by foolish wizards, it grew to be known as 'The Wither'.

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10/26/2012 11:54 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
pyro1997 avatar
Shweet. That would explain why it drops the nether star :D
10/27/2012 3:53 am
Level 32 : Artisan Caveman
Triple2712 avatar
Sort of. I sort of put this one together a little too fast, I'll be sure to make some much better ones soon. :)
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