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The Minecraft Phantom(My first Blog!:D)

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avatar DjbossMC
Level 14 : Journeyman Narwhal
There's Herobrine,that guy that is the nightmare to all players.But what if there was another?A phantom?A ghost?Well here's a story about that: Once,back in beta,there was a beta tester who was a amazing builder.He made huge castles,house,and even boats.One day,He went onto his world,and he was surrounded by lava.Every single block had been replaced.He said "This is a single player world,how'd this happen!?"Then he saw a sign.It said"Your Not Alone."He wasn't sure what it meant,because of course it was a single player world.Soon after that, The Minecraft Website Crashed.Then the forums.Even this very site.Then the Mojang Company went missing.Only the player realized what it was.A ghost.So the player went to his mines and started get suited up.He was going to kill "it".He shouted "I know your there,so Fight ME!"He was then thrown into his end.A scratchy voice said"You fool,You don't know what your dealing with".The player was killed.And to this day,if you go to those mines,you can hear a voice say"help.....me..."
CreditThanks Guys for reading! This my first blog so i hope you enjoyed!
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