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The Origin Issue

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avatar Darth Spookoden
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Boy
Long ago,
In a galaxy not very far away,
There was a peaceful race named the Alcas.
They believed good education was important.
The Alcas were tall and had big, buggy eyes, small feet but,
Had huge, bulging arms.
They were travelers, and liked to sell items,
Like guns, swords and clothing.
Unfortunately, they were forced into war,
Just like the USA in World War II.
They were enemies with a terrible race called the Karlings.
The Karlings were violent and hated education.
They were mere allies with the Terras (humans)
Together, they built an empire to destroy the Alcas.
The Alcas tried to defend them selves,
But often failed.
Luckily, they were good travelers,
and could travel easily around the Wayeshushu Motoramo Galaxy.
Soon enough, they found another peaceful life only 0.6 light years from them.
This was another race like the Terra,
Only more peaceful and more powerful.
The Gaia people were still human, though.
The Alcas wanted to send a peace fleet to meet with the Gaia.
Unfortunately, they did not have enough people to send.
So, they sent a shorter peace fleet to Gaia.
The fleet still have 0.2 light years to go,
For they have been traveling for 14 human years (7 Alca Years.)
This is the origin,
Of the Alcas.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Ohhh thats awesome.
You need (Should) write more! :)

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