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The Orphanage Horror map

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creep3r215's Avatar creep3r215
Level 20 : Expert Warrior
I am here to talk to you about the orphanage horror map that i just expirienced
this is true terror i tell you TRUE TERROR!!!

I sat on the edge of my bed all last night replaying the unwanted images in my head.
i had watched reviews and watched skydoesminecrafts gameplay of it, but no way in hell could prepare me for playing it in the dark. alone at home.
i thought i would be fine since i usually have a high tolerance for these sorts of things, yeah, no.

So basically, your car breaks down in the middle of the night and there is no place in sight. so you decide to walk down the road to see if you can find a place to stay. you come by a orphanage and you look for a place to enter, but you notice some vines by the gate that is closed tight. you walk down the path to the orphanage to hear a young girl screaming and blood on the path. you go inside to investigate. from there, the map is filled with jump scares that will leave you with nightmares and reeling images that will be sure to haunt you. you have to "save" a little girl to come to a huge shock at the very,very, end.

if you can take the challenge, then do it. but if you scare easy or have epilepsy, dont even dream about it


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