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The Physics Block

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The Physics Block

You are running from several different mobs. Skeletons have shot at you, zombies have blugeoned you, and creepers have almost exploded you. They chased you to the top of a cliff; Your only choice is to jump, but there is no water below. You pull out your handy dandy "Physics Block" and change the properties of your Minecraft world so that you can float gently, like a feather, down to the area you were about to jump to. This block would alter all of the laws of physics in Minecraft, such as gravity. The physics block could apply to all things, but mostly adventure maps. Hypothetically speaking, suppose someone wanted to make an adventure map that involved the moon. The moon itself would be bland if physics weren't altered. If the physics were altered, people would be able to jump around to their hearts content. I am aware that programs such as nodus allow players to jump really high and allow them to alter the physics of their character, but, The Physics Block would be a more polished and less glitchy approach, let alone nodus and all other programs like it being illegal in Minecraft. Using the Physics block would also alter the animations of the player when used. For example, if the block was used to change a persons gravity, when the player would fall, they would appear as they were laying on a cloud.

I would appreciate if you didn't forget to....

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Those sorts of things affect my chances of winning. Thanks a bunch.

CreditIsaac Newton

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  • Marjory
  • Level 30
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  • January 20, 2019, 4:53 am
Six years later, we have all of these features possible

Jump boost, if altered with commands, gives you a higher jump. And "Slow falling" now allows you to float down harmlessly, and slowly too.

The magic of the 1.13 update..

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