The Tale of the Gold Golem and DoctorBones

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This tale stemmed from the Hero and Villains skin contest for this month. The story isn't finished yet, and seeing how much time I'll be putting into something like this that may not get many views, may stay incomplete. Anywho, here is a link to the skin that's in the contest, the Gold Golem. A skin of the villain is soon to come, but it's just for piss and grins. And now, story time!


Our tale begins years ago, with the creation of this intriguing land only known by few, when a lone man began his life. He woke on the land shortly after ito s creation, with nothing to him but knowledge of motion, unable to speak, unable to eat, and not knowing the skills to survive the fears he has yet to encounter. All he knows is that this land knows no end, and his name, given to him by some form of god: Steve?

Steve, as be begun to call himself, roamed the land, unsure what to do with his lonely existence. He carried out this way, until he discovers the ability to remove solid chunks of the land with his bare hands. Amazed, Steve begun to dig, destroying ever block he could see: dirt, trees, sand, and even minerals he had found within barren caves. It only takes him a few days to discovery his role in this world: to reshape it in his eye. There was no god: he was one.


Years pass by, and more humans find themselves waking to find themselves incoherent and dumbfounded, all with the same information as the first man: just the name of o Steve?o . Their tales all fall suit of the first man on the land. All but one. And this is where we pick up.

This man never discovered the joys and power of being able to reshape the land as the first resident of the land did. His first discovery was that of the evil that had made ito s way to the land. Hoards of the undead; All violent, all murderous, and all frightful: elect one that stood out from the rest. A creature with no arms, but instead four legs, with pale green skin, and a terrifying face devoid of eyes. This man shortly entitled them the Creeper, for their erry manner of following him, and in a frightful manner, exploding, killing our story board character.

This o Steve?o found out the hard way death is painful, but is not the end of his existence. Instead staying dead, as all other creature in this land did when exposed to the suns rays, he found himself back at the point in which he first arose on the land.

Terrified at this which craft, o Steve?o ran, and continued to run, until he found himself in the middle of a dense, dimly light, forest. He paused when he was too deep in to retrace his steps out, and noticed that there was noises coming from the trees: noises of the undead. Scared to re-enacted the brutal and painful experience only known as o respawningo , he attempted to run, but failed to see the ledge behind him, and instead, tripped, landing in a meadow in the middle of this forest.

As o Steve?o rolled over to regain his bearings, he noticed something usually in the middle of this meadow: a single rose. This single rose memorized him: so simple, yeto ¦beautiful. Elegant, almost. Amazed, he stood to his feet, and walked to the rose, and attempted to pick it up. He was shocked at the manipulation of the land at first, but then held the rose in his hand, turning it about. The more he looked at this rose, the more he thought about it: the beauty of something so simple, so elegant, being in the middle of such a terrifying land. It was at this moment that o Steve?o found his inner calling: to protect this land, and anything in it. And with that, we dug down, to create his shelter.


A year passes, and the land has changed. Millions of people awake, all with the exact same story to tell as the first o Steve?o . But now, they have names: ruhon, Inedra, Vagabondquill7, bamfieldjameso ¦the list continues. The humans now have discovered not only the ability to talk, but have found ways to travel between points in this endless land, and converse with other people within the land. But all of these players are of little importance in this tale. We again turn our view to the first o Steve?o and our rose-bearing o Steve?o

With the realization of names, and the ability to talk, the two o Steveso are able to name themselves. Our first o Steve?o has established the name o DoctorBoneso , while our second has settled with the name o Golemo .

Golem had kept to his name, and created an extensive set of subterrianin homes in all corners of the land: one such home being in the land of DoctorBones. Golem was kept busy with experimenting with the interesting things monsters dropped: both from the surface world, and that damned area called the nether. He had created several cocktails, all of which had their own interesting attributes to them.

DoctorBones, however, ignored the world shortly after the discovery of what most people of the land called o hostingo . With enough knowledge of it, DoctorBones was able to create a new land that was to his taste, and was able to bring people to his lands.

Testing this newo ¦power, DoctorBones had found that with the correct letters and words, he could do anything he wanted in his lands. With this, he shaped the land further: stripped the sun from the land, created stronghold of the undead, and even discovered the ability to spawn the undead at will. Bones, as many people of the land began to call him, evolved into a murder and terrorist, destroying the creation of others, and brutally killing the native villagers of the land.

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