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the true story of steve and herobrine: part 2

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just a heads up the botem 2 parigrafs ant edited. but they well be tomaro

Steve and hero brin part 2 macking a portl

Things were prospering in Steveo s kingdom, and Steve even had enough time ot go to all of the events. Gladiator games, Spleef, and much much more. Hero vanished from the kingdom but know one really noticed, no one except Steve that is. Eventually Steve tracked down Hiro Brin in the darkest depths of a cave. Mining was something the two hadno t done for years. Steve puo led out his pick and started to mine with him. o What are you doing Hiro?o Steve asked. o Mining for old times sake.o he replied. o Are you looking for anything specific?o Steve asked. o Obsidiano Hiro replied curtly. o What would you need Obsidian for?o Steve asked, lowering his pick. o I read in a book that Obsidian can open a portal.o o PORTAL? Portal to where?o exclaimed Steve. o Ito s called the o Nethero , an expedition went there, only one man survived, or so the book said.o Hiro explained.

Steve was wary about the idea of going to the nether, especially after hearing about this lone survivor. It took quite a bit of convincing to get Steve to agree that it was a solid idea to head to the Nether. Hiro reminded Steve that there were new building materials and that he would protect him while they were there. Once Steve was on board it was easy, they simply had to head back and get some supplies from the kingdom. Pick axes, arms and armor, new arrows and an extra bow for each of them. Along with food for the journey, they were relatively certain that they could survive the journey.

Luckily for them Hiro found a vein of Obsidian, and mined it quickly and efficiently. With ease and strength he formed the outline of the portal, and placed the obsidian carefully. Before he was done, Steve reappeared with any bits and bobs they might need, and split them among the two. When the portal base was finished, Hiro pulled out his flint and steel. He noticed that his flint was getting dangerously low, and looked to Steve, who nodded. o Dono t worry, I packed extra.o He stated, as Hiro lit the portal. Almost instantly the air pressure shifted, and they could feel themselves being pulled ever so slightly back into the portal.

Pebels and betes of gravel wore sucked in to the portal along with the dust in the air. They felt all most lick the life was bing suched out of them and puling them in to this darck abes. Steve bigen to back away slowly having second thots hero brin notesed and grabed him by the coler of his sheret and throw him in. emedutly he falloed.

Going throw the prtal felet like your being mad in to tafe twised and terend steched pepetuvly un tell youo re a nice chuwe taffy. Steve was spit out of the portal landing face ferst in the worm graned. He looked up and was expeckting to be seranded by dark ness but was bichraed by the bright fierey land scap. o now realizing it wasit that kind of darknes he felt prity silly bringing torches. This world had a dark fell to it and a even more tarifieng look to it the saned of the gasts screeching and the pig men snorting. Only addd to the hellish feling of the world.

Hero brin steed out of the portal in to the new invierment. Amazed by the sicht of a oshen of lava and every thing eles on fire. He was all most exited to fined his ferst crecher to kill.

End of part 2

This one is not as in depth related to me but it is still related to me and my brother all thos in this one im not hero brine but im steve my brothere all ways had theys carzey dangers ideas that wood potenchuly get us in big truble win we wore little like hero brine and his idea to go to the nether and them potechely being killed in the proses. I was like steve and did rilly wont to go or do thos things cus I new it was ither dangris or I cood get in chruble some times even both. But leve it to my brother to convenes me othere wiz and do it eny ways like hero brin did to steve cunvinsing him that its ok to go win its rilly not.

Stay tun for part 3 welcom to the nether.
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