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The Truth About Servers #2 - The Owner

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avatar avrona
Level 37 : Artisan Explorer
The owner is obviously the most important
person on a server. But you definatly heard what people believe a bad
owner is like. Things like "A dumb 9-year-old". But from that very common
stereyotype, there is a bit missing. Or something that that whole description
can be replaced with: This is: "that have no idea what to do with what
they just created". That is the most important bit. Age does not matter.
Only if you know what to do with your server.

As you probably guessed, this episode is about owners. They have a lot of
autonomy over the server's reputation and name (I talked about that last time)
and they have control over what's going on on the server. But like I said
before, the common bad owner stereotype isn't that correct. But that does not
mean there are only good server owners out there, there still are. They usually
perform actions outside the server that hurt its reputation. I seperated these
main mistakes into 2 groups of owners.

The In-a-Rush Owner.

They rush their server to the public, meaning they have a lot of work to do
while they are already public. Now don't get me wrong, starting a server in
Alpha or Beta is not bad but it all then depends on how you try and get help.
Owners that are in a rush don't even take time to write a proper ad saying they
need help. Either very little detail is given or it isn't writtent well, with
misspelled words, missing punctuation or strangely structured sentances, with
please and thanks popping up at the begging and end of which one.

And before you call me a grammer cop:

1. I am actually super suprised that the internet cares so much about grammer.
I mean it was always treated like this kind of informal place, especially
websites like YouTube.


2. It does not show the owner as a good owner.

The Over-Hyped Owner.

These owners are usually good with setting up servers. They can create
nice and enjoyable ones. But then there is the stage of getting players onto
the server. And that is when problems begin. They think that getting popular
would piece a piece of cake, while it really isn't. Advertisement for these servers are usually poor as, fun fact, just mentioning your IP is not enough to get players on.

Now this not a blog about what you should not do, but about the owners in general. Since the owner, well... owns the server, the decide what is going on with the server and that is the next bit. How they act on their own server.

Their reactions to players actions on the server is important. And what if they upset an influencial they didn't know was influencial? Will the server lose players, or gain it because people think the influencial person's opinion is clickbait. I mean, if you wrote a blog about Hypixel being terrible, and it gets thousands of views, a. you will not be popular and b. many people will try to support Hypixel by being bigger parts of the community. This brings me to my final thoughts.

How the owner acts is the most important thing about the owner. Not, having ideas, not being a good builder, just being aware on how you act. That is where the most risk vs. reward situations are.

For now I leave you with this: act how you like, as long as you want your server to fail.

01/17/2017 2:28 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
Couldn't agree more. I've been on a few servers in the past that have had a pretty decent community, yet some of the staff weren't all that good. One server had a no-griefing rule/said they would fix anything.
Stupid me had to pass out and leave Minecraft on, I woke up to find my character dead and my house completely destroyed. The person that did it never got banned, the owners never fixed the damages either lol
The server has been shut down for years now, part of me still misses it. There were so many beautiful builds on there. Everything I built got wrecked.

I don't find myself to be a perfect owner, however I think I have the basics handled. Been running my old server on my own for years. Never had any crazy issues, since I only let my friends on to play. Nobody griefed anyone. I only had to keep an eye on my little cousin... she's pretty bad. Always tries to steal stuff when I'm not looking, and spawned a bunch of Ghasts in the creative world which nearly crashed my laptop. I always try to make my builds look as good as I can, and add in new things often so that people have more fun.
01/21/2016 5:38 pm
Level 27 : Expert Goblin
What annoys me is when Owners ask for Staff on forums. To me it shows that whole "in a rush" thing, and I mean sure, you might get some good staff - I'm not saying you won't - but the chances of getting a good group of responsible people is going to be pretty slim (plus, y'know, anyone can write anything about themselves on the internet).
01/22/2016 1:48 am
Level 37 : Artisan Explorer
Very true. It's hard to prove something online. Besides, owners asking for staff is strange on its own. Shouldn't they just focus on their server without trying to get staff on other servers?
10/22/2015 1:15 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Agree with most of the points you were making!

If I wanted publicity for the Server I would build on there show my builds and make the project stand out not look boring!!!
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