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The truth of Herobrine

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avatar CrazyChicken1
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I know this is long but maybe just read it to the end?Maybe?
Journal of Mathew Peterson

I am a normal person in the world of Planet Minecraft who never met his parents.Or so i thought....
I did the usual stuff that anybody does.I mined,I crafted,I built,I even owned a company one time....even if it was closed 2 days after it was made....but that doesn't matter.The point of this journal is to uncover the truth about this world.

One day i started having the same exact dream.It was very hard to endure the same dream over and over,Considering that the dream was like a Nightmare.I shall speak to you of this dream.The dream that i was obsessed with over the days,from the first time i had it.I will try to explain this from my point of view.I get shivers even when i think of it...

I find myself in the middle of nowhere.I'm cold and scared.I here zombies and creepers,but i have no armor or weapons,neither any tools.I hear a faint voice coming from behind.I turn quickly and i see nothing,but the voice still calls me.I walk slowly and frightened.The voice becomes louder and louder.At this point the voice i'ts too loud for me to bare.I turn and try to run,but i can't move.I turn my head downwards and I tell myself"This is the end of me".I turn my head back and i see...myself.But then another person appears.He is bald,with long beard and ´╗┐moustache.Then everything turns dark,except them.

Then they got they're hands together and spoke a language That was familiar but which i do not understand.After I heard them a couple of times(I didn't understand the first time I had the dream)I understood that they said"Rigorat,mariot,Darkthas",over and over again until a little spot in the nothingness appeared.The spot became bigger and bigger,until it became....our world.Then everything dissappeared.I wait,hoping that i'm not stuck in the void but that was not the case.Suddenly I find myself in a huge hall that also seemed familiar..Everything felt familiar...Then i see those two man again,one of them being me,but this time.....this time it is completely different.I listen to them and hear extraordinary things:
[-Brother,don't do this,Said the one who looked like me.]

[-Get out of my way.The Overworld is the only worthy world.]
[-You can't destroy the Nether and End.The three worlds live in harmony!You can't destroy them!I won't let you destroy them!]

I don't know why but these words seemed so familiar.So slowly it started to make sense over the days after I thought a little bit but let's continue.

[-If you won't get out of the way i will destroy you too]
[-Brother don't...]
But the bald one attacked him already.
[-Notch don't!]

"Notch?How is this possible?"

[-You know that you have always been weaker than me brother.]
[-Not this time...And he began casting some kind of spell.]
[-No!Yelled notch.]
[-I give my spirit to the End and Nether!]
[-If you do this you will lose your memory and power!You will be just a worthless human!]
But Herobrine(I assumed)made the spell and the three worlds showed up as globes.Something foggy got out of him and veiled the globes that seemed to represent the Nether and End.
Before the dream ends i always here Herobrine's voice,my voice:

"Recover our power"

Every time i'm stupefied by those words,just before the dream ends.

In these four years i tried to find everything about Herobrine and Notch,but nothing was making any sense!Every time Notch was the righteous one and Herobrine the evil one.But i found a sentence in a book saying something about Herobrine's soul infused in an...apple...in a Nether fortress.

That was yesterday.

Today i went to the nether,fully geared with enchanted diamond armor and with my stick.Yes my stick,not a diamond sword.It is an enchanted stick that i was told it was with me from the day i was found.

I turned the Nether upside-down but i still didn't find the fortress that i read about.I was about to give up when a Pigmen stopped in front at me.He was looking straight at me.He wanted me to follow him maybe?He brought me to some kind of giant nether house.I entered the house just out of curiosity because i knew in the books it said the soul i'ts in a nether fortress,not a nether house.

Wait a second,i thought,a Nether house?There are no Nether houses in the Nether.Only if.......

I started looking everywhere in the house.And finally i found the...apple...again...why an apple?Anyways...It had a bright relaxing blue light around it.A voice was telling me to eat it.

So i took a bite.Nothing happened first.But then i felt more powerful.The diamond armor felt lighter than ever.

So i took another bite.The stick started to glow crazy in my other hand,as I was feeling that the stick was stronger.

So i took another bite.I felt the pulse of the Nether and End.It was like they are infused in me.

I took two more bites.

At the first bite i felt more excited than ever.I felt...happy.

And then i took the last bite.The bite that filled me with my rightful memories.Herobrine's memories.I remembered how we made worlds.The first ones,Notch destroyed because he didn't find them "Worthy".After a while we decided to make 3 worlds to live in harmony:The End,Nether and Overworld.When we made the End,Nether and Overworld he seemed happy,but in reality,he hated the End and Nether.That's how i lost my powers.Protecting those worlds.I remember when i swore to haunt the people of the Overworld.But not to kill or grief them.Not to frighten or make them beg for mercy.

It was for when the time will come to take down Notch,everyone must know my name so I can show them Notche's true nature.

Aid me in my journey.And we shall be

Thanks for reading everyone.The story continues in "Herobrine's truth Part 1:The Alliance"


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Grammar mistakes : 09/01/2016 6:03:16 pmSep 1st, 2016

Fixed grammar mistakes and some things that didn't make any sense.Hope you can read the story properly now.

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09/01/2016 9:06 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
It was good but it had lots of typos
09/01/2016 5:31 pm
Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
Thanks for telling me.I will try to fix them.

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