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The Undead (Season 8)

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 41 : Master Dolphin
The Carrier Dragon skidded to a stop just as it saw the mobs, the Carrier Dragon was big but the Yetis were not afraid
The Yetis lifted up Snow Blocks and hurled them at the Carrier Dragon
Most of the Snow Block hit the Carrier Dragon's wings
The Carrier Dragon flapped it's wings harder and the Snow Blocks bounced off it's wings when it hit them

The Snow Blocks went flying back to the Yetis and hit them
"Spongie, MJ, Mossy, Cookie, Giga!' shouted Kai "Jump!"
Spongie jumped out of the Carrier Dragon
Gigagleam sort off...faded away and appeared on the ground

"What?" said MJ
"Just jump and try not to die!" shouted Kai
"What do you mea-" said Mossy
MJ and Cookie pushed Mossy out of the Carrier Dragon before he could finish his sentence, then they jumped after Mossy
"Meet you at the Ice Spikes!" shouted Kai as they falled

Then the Carrier Dragon took off
"Um...guys?!" shouted Mossy "How do we manage not to die?"
"IDK!" shouted MJ
A Rainbow Parachute opened up from Cookie's backpack and he started to float
Spongie landed on a ledge, and only took a few damage

Two ghosts summoned from MJ's sword caught him in midair
The one left was Mossy
"I'm going to die!" thought Mossy "I'm going to die!"
Then he remembered...

Mossy took his Moss Banner out of his Backpack and used it like a parachute
He started to slow down
There was a Stray not far from Mossy, it had it's Bow drawn and nocked
"Help!" shouted Mossy
"I'm coming!" shouted Cookie

Suddenly, a blast of light erupted and killed the Stray
It was Giga, she was glowing brightly
Mossy, Cookie and MJ landed on the ground, they drew their weapons
The mobs advanced on them

"Ready?" asked MJ
"Always ready" said Cookie

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