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Welcome To Talltale [CHAPTER ONE]

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After what feels like forever, the story is beginning to unfold.
Thank you, -Rae- deactivated, GoldieArts, and _Astrolol_.

Your patience is almost as impressive as your creations.
Welcome to Talltale.

Chapter One
You Are Now Entering

A creak of a door, the wind in the trees, the occasional passerby on their way to town or for a late trip out of it, the sound of distant woodland creatures, and the sound of the unknown. Everywhere, even this late at night, there was something making a noise, telling the whole world it was there. These were sounds that comforted Reyna, it was the only way she could actually get any sleep.

  A hyper social and active person by nature, Reyna had trouble sleeping, even when she really was tired, the quiet and stillness of the room got to her and she could never manage to fall asleep before 3:00 AM. Eventually though, Reyna’s father (clever as he was) found a solution. Opening a window one cool night in April, as the cool air wafted in, he asked his then seven year old daughter this question; “You can’t sleep because the night is too quiet, well what if I told you the night was the loudest time of all?”

  Puzzled, Reyna listened closer, she didn’t think she heard anything new, certainly nothing worth listening to. But wait, now that she listened, she could swear she had.. yes, there was a sound after all, it was far fainter than she was used to in the day, but there was something different about this quiet. The quiet noise of the night was a subtle noise, a subtle roar of information, and a whole different world of experiences. If she listened, stayed quiet and still, she could hear all there was to hear. Of course, a child can’t stay still in a bed for very long before they start to drift off, and within six minutes, Reyna had fallen asleep and her dad was gone.

  Reyna of course, still stayed up late listening to music and chatting with friends, after all she was still a teenager, but when the music got old (at least for the moment) and the friends went to bed, Reyna took comfort in the night’s noises, and prepared for a full day ahead.

The mist of the sea stretched over the nearby woods, the smell of pine trees filled the air as people slowly began to wake up. Reyna’s town was small, they didn’t even have any stop lights, but the people were kind enough, and the school had a nearly perfect record. At first Reyna was worried that the town wouldn't have basic necessities, such as tv and internet access. Fortunately, the town was not filled with savages, so even though the cell service was bad and the wifi was rare, it was enough for a teen to make do. Reyna’s family had just moved to town, having been driving around the states for the past few months from place to place, finally though they settled in this small town, at least for the moment. Reyna had been there for the past five months, which was enough for her to make friends.

  Speaking of friends, Reyna awoke with a jolt to the familiar sound of a notification (which she had on at all times of course) from her friend Lee. Unfortunately that jolt was a bit too much of a jolt for 6:30 in the morning.

  “I’m awake, I’m awake!” She groggily exclaimed to absolutely no one at all. Looking around the room, she recognized the now familiar cedar walls covered in posters for music and art, a wooden dresser in the corner held a lamp, a potted plant she forgot to water, and her phone, which was still vibrating.

  ”u awake?”

  “Well I am now”

  “well Im sorry to wake you, I’m surprised you weren’t already awake”

  “All good, what’s up?”

  ”we ordered that board game like two months ago and it finally got here, fish and I were wondering if you’d wanna come over and have a game night”

  ”Of course, I’m in. See you after work?”

  ”cya then”'

  With a new spring in her step, Reyna threw on her clothes and stuffed her phone in her coat pocket. She had to hurry to get to work on time. Always one to sacrifice some time for some style, Reyna threw on her favorite red shoes, fashionably ripped jeans, the absolute best of her rock band t-shirts, and a black zip up hoodie. Zipping downstairs, Reyna stopped in the kitchen, threw together a quick breakfast, and ran out the door.

Lina Quinn was the owner of “Linas sea Fish House” the original family restaurant with an unoriginal name, she was also Reyna's employer. Lina owned the restaurant with her husband and three boys, who helped run the business mostly by catching the fish used in just about all the recipes. Reyna learned very quickly that this was the place to meet up with friends and family, and it was also a great place to get a job.

  As soon as Reyna stepped through the door she was hit with the smell of fish.It wasn't the gross smell you'd get at the sea. No, this smell was the smell of a good seafood meal, and Reyna never got tired of it.

  Reyna had lived all over the United States, but she had to admit there was something special about this small town. There were no fast food restaurants, shopping malls, or any other luxuries she was used to in bigger cities, but it had a charm to it. The town also had a thick culture, with its own traditions and ways of life, and it’s fair share of strange trends. In fact, it was rare that an outside trend made it in, and if it did it came in late and only among a few.

  Reyna's day dreaming was interrupted by the sound of the bell, which meant a customer had arrived. This sound also meant that Reyna had better be ready to take their order and tell it to her boss. (Miss Quinn had always insisted on making the food herself) Reyna took orders, reported them to the kitchen, brought the food to tables, and repeated it all again until closing time. Sometimes, if there was no one in the restaurant at the moment, she would sit at her small table and sketch characters and designs. Reyna has always loved art, and she often dreamed of using it for good someday, and hey, a good job as an artist wouldn't hurt either.

  Miss Quinn, noticing the spring in Reyna’s step, said, “Well! Someone’s in a good mood today."

  "Sure am miss Q, some friends and I have some plans for after work!"

  Lina found this amusing, "Oh you have something planned just about every night, why I'll bet you're at a friend's house more than in your own home!"

  This was true, Reyna was a bit of a social butterfly, though personally she preferred moths.

"Tell you what," Miss Quinn told her "I'll let you off work a half hour early, you've done enough today and I doubt anyone else will be coming in tonight anyways"

  Jumping to this opportunity to get out of work early, Reyna quickly cleaned up her station, and with her steps somehow even springier than before, Reyna exited the building. She popped earbuds in her ears, pulled up her favorite rainy day playlist, and began walking to her friend’s house.

There was something special about music in the rain, and Reyna knew it. It was always a little foggy this close to the sea, yet something about a rainstorm made it feel all the better.

  Listening to her favorite songs, (It was always classic feel good rock) somehow Reyna knew.

  Today was going to be a perfect day.

Welcome To Talltale [CHAPTER ONE]

  That very same fall afternoon, while Reyna was just getting ready for a fun night with friends, one Sunny ‘Long shot’ Davis was just winding down for a calm evening of reflection and some light reading. They called him ‘long shot’ because he had the strongest arm on the football team, and aside from his larger build and broad shoulders, youd never expect him to even play football. It was actually pretty ironic, though the players who came up with the name probably never caught onto their own brilliance, and Sunny thought there was something poetic about that.

  Pouring himself a cup of steaming hot chai tea, Sunny looked out his cottage window onto the woods surrounding him, taking in its natural beauty. Sunny was a collage student, he had reddish orange hair and a long yet kind face that matched his mature yet goofy personality. He was currently renting out his grandparents small Oregon vacation home, and he intended to make the most of his new surroundings.

It’s not often someone bothers traveling from out of state specifically to go to such a small college, but sunny liked it all the same, his great grandfather was a founder, and great men had been graduating there for years and years.

  Of course none of this means Sunny had his whole life figured out or anything. He was spending almost 100% of his time studying, even a small college takes a lot of effort, and Sunny had no idea what he was doing. “But hey, who does anyways? Right?” He figured.

  Fortunately for Sunny, reading and writing happened to be his passion, and no workload could take it away from him. He was studying poetry, and he had just been assigned to research a classic author, (and one of his personal favorites) Edgar Allen Poe.

He had decided to focus his paper on The Telltale Heart, probably Poe’s most well known work, but often under appreciated for its more subtle elements, he even had a way to tie it into some of Poe’s other works, such as The Pit and the Pendulum, where darkness and the human mind were also highly present subjects.

  Sitting down at his dark oak desk, he brushed aside some of his other various papers, pencils, and doodles, and started prepping for a long nights study session.

  That preparation soon gave way to research and rough drafts, rewrites and rereads, and hours of intricate details put into ever since paragraph. This was his element, this was his gift, this was his passion. Stringing words together in a way that gave meaning and ideas, till it all combines into what can only be described as the very soul of the artist, the painter of this grand tale.

  Of course, Sunny was writing a research paper, but he made sure it was his best work yet. Smiling ear to ear, Sunny saved his essay and while   stretching his weary bones, made his victory lap to the small kitchen for more tea.

  Making himself a plate of buttered toast and scrambled eggs, (the dinner of champions) somehow Sunny knew.

  Today had been a perfect day.

Welcome To Talltale [CHAPTER ONE]

  As Sunny drifted off into an unnatural sleep, another was also sleeping. Further into the woods, down streams and past highways, there stands a tall and large gate. A yard stretch’s out with a lawn of dry green grass, an empty fountain sits in front of the home, the walls stretching to twice the gates height, the windows stare outward with the darkness of what was once a beautiful and bustling home, but is now only beautiful and cold.

  Regardless of all of this, people still lived there, though they hardly ever talked to each other. Not all was well in the Dawnshin Estate. Mr and Mrs Dawnshin were very charming people, yet their false smiles had begun to crack, and at home they never bothered. The eldest boy was perhaps the most publicly unhappy member of the family, he didn’t really care about what people thought of him as long as he could still buy cigarettes, which the mansions staff found on the floor all over the house constantly (and got in trouble for not cleaning perfectly). Yet it was not all sour in the Dawnshin home, there was still one member of the family who had hope for a future, one last ray of sinshine in the dark closet of their lives.

  Her name was Alexis Dawnshin, and she wasn’t so perfect herself, but she had dreams and aspirations, and that’s more than could be said for any of them. She had never really been on the front of any newspapers, (not since the accident) and that probably saved her from a whole lot of trouble the rest of her family couldn’t avoid. She had long brown hair and green eyes, though her left eye was covered in an eye patch, which she though looked pretty cool, but being blind in one eye wasn’t really worth the style points.

  When the rest of her family argued and grumbled Alexis mostly kept to her own room, playing video games and dreaming of worlds outside her own, dreaming of adventures tha would never come. She was a good student, though she often stressed about tests, she seemed to be stressing a lot these days.

   She usually stayed up till midnight playing games, but tonight her mother had told her to go to bed early. “it’s a school night.” She had said, “You need to sleep or else you’ll look horrible tomarrow.” Her mother rarely bothered reminding her of anything, but it was probably smart to listen when she did, so for the first night in a long time Alexis went to sleep at 9:30 PM and off to slumberland.





  12:00 AM

  Suddenly, yet strangely without reason, Alexis woke up at exactly midnight. She felt odd, she felt… thin, Something was different. Something wasn’t the same. Something would never be the same again.

  Her eyes burned, the room around her seemed to warp. Something was different. But she just wanted to sleep. Her eyes fluttered, she drifted off, her eyes shut…

  And then she heard it.

There was a noise in the hallway, she wasnt sure what it was. It was quiet but getting louder, it was slow but getting faster. It wasn’t footsteps, but it wasn’t just a random noise, someone was moving, something. She couldn’t tell what was doing it, but then she made the connection, it was a spider.

A really really big spider.

And it was moving.


  More sounds, giggling, scuttling, scratching, sliding, creaking, cracking. Then silence. The room was completely quiet, she couldn’t hear anything except her own quickening breath. The room was still dark, she could make out the things on the desk, the strings of lights turned off on the ceiling, the closet, the rug. All was fine, it was normal, she was okay.

Everything would be okay.

  And then the door opened.

And just as the giant spinning shaking face peeked in through the open door, revealing a huge set of sharp teeth in its twisted charcoal black grin, somehow Alexis knew.

  Something would never be the same, ever again.


Welcome To Talltale [CHAPTER ONE]
Credit-Rae- (for creating Reyna as well as editing the first two halves) GoldieArts (Sunny) and Astrolol. (Alexis) As well as my good friend MoltenONI who helped me create the world

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i forgot to comment, but, this is VERY well-written.
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thank you! I really enjoyed making it!
almost done with chapter two actually
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