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The Walking Dead Craft server up and running!!!!!!!!!

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Chadford1324's Avatar Chadford1324
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minecraftsociety http://minecraftsociety.com/ has made a new server called the Walking Dead Craft!! We have made a server that you have to survive the zombie horde make it to safe zones. Safe zones are found around the world and are a place where you can be safe from zombies and start to build a house and make friends with other players. Going out to get items are a big part of being able to survive in this world as you have to go to zombie infested cities, towns, and villages to collect different kinds of materials. It is advised to have more than one person when you try to get more stuff because the zombies are seemingly never ending. The more people you have the better chances of your survival.

If you want to check out the server here is the information below

Name: Minecraft Society(The Walking Dead Craft)
server ip:
more information here. http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/minecraft-society/

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