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Things you can do when Minecraft is getting boring! :)

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Things you can do when Minecraft is getting boring!

Ok, admit it. Sometimes Minecraft CAN get a LITTLE boring. (please no hate) So to spice things up a bit here is some suggestions you can do to get you grooving in the gaming mood.

1. Make a castle of some sorts with your friends.
This is a great way to spice up your Minecraft. Believe me, once you start building the castle you would want to go on and on until you make the whole kingdom! After that you can post it on Planet Minecraft for everyone to see your awesome build :)

2. Go to a PVP server with factions and stuff...
Maybe building isn't your thing, but fighting is! Life can get pretty awesome with a team by your side hunting others down to survive. Do this with your friends on a server, it's quite hard to get into a faction when you have no one that you know.

3. Compete in the HUNGER GAMES!
There is loads of Hunger Games maps, maybe even get the mod if you don't want to wait until the current game ends. This is a thrilling game which makes your heart beats sooo fast it's like drums. Trust me, you never know that some day you might be crowned Victor of the Hunger games!

4. Play around with CRAZY texture packs! :D
Download or make your own Texture pack testing world where you can look around and play around with texture packs that make everything seem funny, pretty or even ugly :( This can get you going in forever, because there is sooo much texture packs in the whole of Minecraft!

5. Make some new friends on servers :)
Finally you can make new friends on servers. This way instead of playing by your own all the time there is someone out there who you can play with :) You can build together, join a faction and fight to the death :) Or even just talk and chat together. Friends are friends :)

Hope this helped you, this is based in my experience. When I get bored I usually do all this stuff to get me going :)

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