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Thoughts on Vines (And how to farm them)

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Assorted Nonsense's Avatar Assorted Nonsense
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"Wait farming vines? Is that possible?"
Your probably asking (yes I know at least one of you are thinking that. Yes those exact words.)

Well now that curiosity on what the $^%#@# I meant by farming vines; let me explain.

Vines are often underestimated in, well, everything, but in actuality they have the same function as a ladder and are one hundred bazillion time easier to get your mitts on.

Vines grow downward naturally and require absolutely no attention to do so

Step One; Locate swamp or jungle in which vines grow naturally! This is a critical part of the equation, if you can't find either, go. . . no I'm not going to finish that one

Step Two; Acquire one pair of industrial strength Big $@@# Pair of scissors.

Step Three; use the Industrial stre. . . shears to cut down some of the vines. Any amount will do.

Step Four; Locate tall object. This can be anything really, a beacon, a cliff, hole. I like using my house 'cause I can then jump off the top floor but grab on to the vines and evade damage. Plus it makes my house look like an old college building.,

Step 4.5; Place vines on said tall object.

Step five; come back later and use your shears on the newly grown vines. BOOM!

Step six; there is no step six. If you leave some vines at the top, they'll keep growing downward. The process of getting vines is so trivial and easy soon you'll be taking whole stacks of the with you everywhere.

Try using vines to climb up the obsidian pillars in the end.

-Assorted Nonsense
CreditThe Textures used in the title shot were created by me, by the way

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