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Three Dimensional Wire

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avatar LiquidChildren1
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Before 1.5, redstone was only able to travel upwards within a 1x1 column, using redstone torches on top of each other. All other directions needed at least a 1x2 area, whether it be climbing down using redstone torches on the sides of blocks, or just horizontally using redstone and the block it sits on.

Now with 1.5, we have redstone block, which can be manipulated into a free moving three dimensional wire. This wire DOES have more delay than a standard, uninterrupted redstone line, but for the price of being a lot more hide-able, you'll have to decide its worth.

The wire works as such: a lever or other power supply will power a piston to push a redstone block in such a way that it causes another piston to push its own redstone block, which pushes another piston, et cetera, et cetera, until it reaches its desired output. This system has been tested in all six directions, and works for all except for going straight up. You'll have to use the old fashioned torch column to send it upwards. Going down with pistons will need a redstone line buffer in the middle so that the redstone block does not directly touch the piston.

Ive found that you can invert the wire by feeding the signal of a redstone block to a wire in the off state, so that it turns on, the block no longer powers the wire. You can also do this by placing a piston directly next to a redstone block while the sequence is in the OFF state, so when it turns on the block is pushed past the last piston, causing it to contract when all the other pistons expand.

The delay delay for turning on is about a redstone tick (first setting on a repeater, or the delay of a redstone torch) for each piston. Its delay for turning off, however, is a lot faster. All pistons within a single, uninterrupted sequence will contract in the same tick. If you have a piston sequence that has a torch column or other interruption, it will reserve its own respective delay, and any piston sequences on the output end of such interruption will all contract in the tick after the interruption.

E.X. If your wire goes left 3 pistons, its delay turning on would be 3 ticks, and its delay turning off would be one tick.

If your wire went three pistons left, two torches up, and then 2 pistons right, then its delay turning on would be 7 ticks, and its delay turning off would be one tick, then two ticks for the torches, then another tick, totaling 4 ticks.

Hopefully you will find good uses for this like i have. I use it to hide wire on ceilings where redstone would not work, inside 3x3 columns, and just for looking classy. It is an awesome look for your exposed redstone to have physical movement.

If you liked this blog, give it a diamond, comment what you thought, tell me what YOU use it for.
Be sure to stay tuned to my projects, I have a big puzzle map on the way!

Thanks for reading.

Here are some pictures of some of the uses ive found for it: http://imageshack.us/g/836/20130317164031.png/

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  • candle_
  • Retired Moderator
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  • April 25, 2013, 10:00 am
This is quite an innovative idea and significantly underrated. Well done!
I am using this technique in my upcoming puzzle adventure, to hide wires underneath a floor, so since it does not need ground below it, I can afford to make the floor thinner
Nice project and Great description !
You've earned yourself a new subscriber : )
Thanks man!

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