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Hacked By xm20Zx's Avatar Hacked By xm20Zx
Level 32 : Artisan Unicorn
Hello my name is Dank_Loots And I am going to write about how you can improve in skywars on mc.hypixel.net

in hypixel's version of skywars you can go on Mega/Team or solo and there are 2 modes for each version Solo and Insane. If you want to make for coins, go on insane, but if you want to have a better chance at winning, go for normal. in the normal version mid loot gives less and more equivelent Loot to your islands loot. but on insane, the person can get around 1.35 times the diffrence of normal mode because each armour has its perks diamond is combat, iron is explosives, chainmail is fire, gold is fall-damage, and leather is mobs. that is why there is a bigger diffrence between normal and insane. there's not a big diffrence between solo and teams, its just that teams gives you slightly smaller chance of winning because there are 2x the ammount of players. On kits, there is not really a right choice, but for solo i dont recommend going with armourer,farmer,enchanter,hunter or speologist. my favourite kits are in a draw for armoursmith,knight and pyro (What i don't have). armour smith is good for getting a better pvp advantige againts enemies, but knight gives you a sword to stop ecologists from killing you and has a better damige rating than any of the spawn or mid swords (by half a heart). on team, some kits i wouldn't reccomend are healer, armourer, scout, speologist and the enchanter and ditto for solo. when the game starts always go for the hardest chest first so you can bridge to your enemies while they are looting the harder to reach chest. organise your inventory to sword first, then bow, enderpearl or blocks and then golden apples. on specific maps its a good idea to go to mid but for some others its not. like for eg. you should go to mid at the start when the map is the winter,dragonice,dwarven and the map with the water falls. and for the big mushroom map. always go to the outside and then bridge to the closest other outside mid. when pvp'ing try to jump, move around or run at the enemy so they have less of a chance to hit you. and before you engage try to hit them with a snowball, fishing hook or egg to ensure that you will get the first hit. always move into your target when they are in a chest, finished fighting or distracted and always try to lure people into traps like making them come to you via bridge and knock them off, make holes in your bridges so they might fall, make lava traps and force them into your water then block it (before hitting thm with snowbals in the water to ensure that you get the kill). on the perks try to fully upgrade enerpeal damage, resistance boost, juggernaught, speedboost, instant smealting and arrowrecorvory. In THE SOUL WELL fully upgrade exbeneth luck more souls on win ( click emrald then witherskull). Please rate or leave a diamond (if you can) on this and please ask me to do any other subjets i will be willing to do

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Over And Out- Dank_Loots

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Hacked By xm20Zx
12/16/2015 11:06 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Unicorn
Hacked By xm20Zx's Avatar
Yeah thanks and Yeah you are right about the constructive criticism because i just had this idea in my head and wrote down some Stuff i thought would help :P
12/16/2015 10:52 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Hunter
deletedaccount12313's Avatar
Hi, I just wanted to leave some constructive criticism.
First of all, formatting.
When I first saw this, all I saw was a huge block of text. I would seperate your paragraphs by a line, and maybe by each idea you have. For example, this paragraph I'm writing right now is about formatting, which is, so to say, the idea of this paragraph.
Also, I would recommend using more capitals and periods, because when I glance over this, I see mostly lower case letters.
I like how you wrote these tips based on experience though :) I also like how at the beginning, you said how normal and insane are different :)
Great tips, overall, I'd maybe just improve the formatting. :)
Also sorry if this seems like I'm calling you out or something, I simply want to help you improve :D
12/09/2015 3:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
thepizzalord's Avatar
give me more give me more,

12/06/2015 8:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
niallonate's Avatar
Please make more tips and tricks :d