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Tips on making CTF maps.


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This is a general overview of how to make a CTF map. Not a specific guide on how to block by block.

1. CTF overview
In case you don't know, CTF stands for capture the flag. I have built 2 CTF maps (only one is posted on PMC, the other is still in construction) and they both follow the same pattern. You have a spawn platform, where you decide on which team to join, once everyone has chosen, each team switches a lever signaling that they are ready to start, and the game begins. From there you have a (depending on your colors) red spawn, and a blue spawn. You will want to have different classes, so if there is some differentiation and everyone doesn't get the same items.

2. Arena
You need to have an idea in mind when you start building your CTF map. Will you make a town? A castle? A field? Pick an idea before you start, and stick with it. Make SURE that you have the red and blues spawns far enough away from each other and the flag, so the game isn't over in just a few minutes. In my 1st CTF map, players can get bonus loot by trading gold at the Bazaar.

3. Classes
Make sure you don't have an overpowered class. While making sure each class can win against another in a 1v1. Some basic class ideas which I use: Soldier, a basic class that has the best defense and sword, no bow. Archer, get a bow, lower armor than soldier, and a lower sword. Healer/Doctor, a class that has lesser armor and sword than both previously mentioned, but gets healing potions (regen and instant). You can have other classes, but be creative with names! Sure, use the basic ones, but come up with your own twists.

4. Command blocks and redstone.
These are 100% necessary. Command blocks are used for classes, use /give @p (item id).
Use redstone for the capture system. I don't have any particularly good capture systems, but feel free to download my CTF map, and check out the redstone work.

5. MCedit
I recommend using MCedit, you can move the spawnpoint around, and you can edit villager trades. There are other features, but they don't really come into play with CTF. MCedit can also copy/paste your builds really quickly, if you need.

6. Enclosure
Make sure that your map is enclosed, and players cannot get out. If they can, then it could be a infinite lasting game, considering that the map is made on a standard game. To prevent mobs from breaking the barriers, you can do /gamerule doMobGriefing false

7. Test your map
Make sure you test it. Here are some specific points to look for: Do you have any OP classes? Is any redstone broken? Do you have an effective capture system? Have you used command blocks? Does one team have an advantage over another team?

Thanks for viewing, and check out my CTF map here:
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Update #1 : 03/02/2013 12:53:55 pm3/02/13

Added enclosure tip.

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