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Tips to Improve your Screenshots

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UPDATED MARCH 2021. All-in-one beginner tips on taking better screenshots of your builds!
The main stuff is in a larger font, with explanations just below each tip should you need them.


1. Remove obstructive screen overlays so the build is in focus.

That is, hide the hotbar with F1 or go into spectator mode. If applicable, disable the game narrator or in-game tips.
Turn off the chat on a server. And wait between taking screenshots so that the chat confirmation message clears.

2. If applicable, remove any unwanted mobs in the perimeter.

Go into peaceful to remove hostile mobs. Do "/kill @e[​type=!player]" to remove ALL entities in the world except you.


3. Change the render distance to hide or reveal parts of the build.

A higher render distance will allow you to showcase a larger build and its surroundings in all their glory.
Stand still and wait for everything within view to render. Make sure there are no random missing chunks.

Alternatively, you could lower the render distance and fully load a certain size area to be screenshotted.

On a small build, using a low distance can help focus on the structure if its surroundings aren't needed.

4. Hide the clouds (or increase height in optifine) if they interfere.

5. Tweak graphics settings to try and reduce lag during rendering.


6. Use proper angles and perspective to showcase the build fully.

Avoid taking screenshots from crappy angles that show a small or insignificant part of the build!
Some close-ups are fine, but the bulk of the screenshots should clearly show the build as a whole.

You could draw the viewer in by following a line - a basic example is a road going into the distance.
Having something in the foreground will add depth, but make sure the main build isn't obstructed.

7. Experiment with composition for a more interesting screenshot.

Keep the edges of the screenshot clear of distractions, with the main build closer to the center as the focus.
An aerial view will show the whole build clearly. A street view will give a more grounded and detailed image.

The structure might look more grand or ominous if the screenshot is looking up - but make sure it's legible.

8. Consider the atmosphere you want to create (time and weather).

A typical day-time shot should be clear of shadows, so set the time or rotate the build if using world edit.
Night-time screenshots will give a darker mood. Though make sure the build doesn't become a black blob!

Rain or lighting will, again, create a darker or mysterious atmosphere. Snow will (literally) lighten the build.


9. Use textures or shaders to change the look and feel of the game.

Both optional. A realistic texture pack could enhance certain structures, like using a medieval pack for a castle.
Shader packs will greatly enhance the lighting and shadow, as well as add things like conncected glass blocks!

They may lag your game, but a LITE version is available for many shaders. Try further tweaking in video settings.
Remember to not over-do on modifications like these though, or you'll give a false idea of what the build really is.

10. Optionally, use editing software to edit the image or add logos.

This is again optional, and can easily mess up a screenshot if overdone or not properly considered.
Always keep any editing smart and relevant! Don't over-edit or be invasive with text, logos or effects.

You could add a bold title to the main screenshots. A logo or watermark can be added in the corners.
Brightness, contrast or saturation can be changed. Lesser images can also be combined in a collage.

11. Try rendering through a third-party program (advanced method).

Lastly, try rendering your build if you don't mind the challenge and have enough computing power and time!
Programs such as Chunky, Blender, or the professional (and paid) Cinema 4D can be used for this purpose.

The size of your structure shouldn't restrict you, and you can add various effects. Search online if interested.


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Update #1 : by MegaMinerDL 03/19/2021 6:37:56 pmMar 19th, 2021

Third and final major overhaul of the blog, also added own screenshots

Original: premiumminecraft.com/tips-to-improve-your-screenshots/

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