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My Top 10 Minecraft Hosting Review (update soon)


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Hello everyone,

So today i'll share you me top 10 minecraft hosting.

Lets start!

(xQi) __(xQi)

= Defects

= Quality

Number 10: Vmlweb {Starting at $8.00.}

- Lag Free & Low Ping.

- 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee.

- 1 Click Mod Installer.

Number 9: Mineocity Hosting {Starting at $9.99.}

- Included the 32GB RAM (OVER PRICED).

- Over Extreme good machine.

- Expensive.

Number 8: MultiMinecraft {Starting at $6.99.}

- Very good engines.

- Guarrantee on mistake.

- Good plans choices.

Number 7: MCMyAdmin {Starting at £10.00.}

- Tap Queries Hosting.

- SMP Hosting.

- No big choices for plans.

Number 6: MCProHosting {Starting at $2.50.}

- Some hosting errors.

- 12 Hours Uptime.

- Trustable & Very cheat price.

Number 5: MPServ {Starting at $3.99.}

- Best to provide the highest quality services.

- 24/7/365 data access.

- Strenght Connection Resistence (no crash)

Number 4: FragNET {Starting at £10.00.}

- No slots limit.

- You get the RAM you order.

- You can edit the slots count to any value.

Number 3: Chromobyte {Starting at $2.99.}

- For his amazing support.

- Extra good uptime.

- Nice & Cheat price.

Number 2: DaddyCheese Hosting {Starting at £2.98.}

- Most trustable.

- Free Setup.

- 99.9% uptime guarantee with all of our plans.

Number 1: The Minecraft Host {Starting at $6.45.}

- The best quality hosting.

- No over-price for premium quality hosting.

- Always online no error.

My T
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Hi there,

I represent www.evianhost.com. We provide high quality Minecraft servers.

Our general price for Minecraft hosting is $5 /per GB.

Reliable Minecraft hosting is the backbone of our business. Our team of specialized server administrators work constantly to provide the best hardware and support offered in the industry. We have the expertise necessary to ensure your satisfaction and guarantee this. We will work with you from picking which hosting package which is right for you to buy, all the way through the launch of your server. We guarantee that choosing us for your minecraft server is the correct choice. Our customer service professionals have lots of experience, and are standing by to assist you create your servers. We are a Minecraft server host that has years of experience and can install any version or plugins that you would like to run. We can also help you get the correct plugins installed on your minecraft server, so you can get started in no time.

Below you will find some features that makes us stand out from the crowd:

    All of our servers are protected with professional Anti-DDoS protection / migration.
    200 Mbits network guaranteed, average speed of 500 Mbits and a maximum burst of 1 Gbits
    Multicraft Control Panel
    Instant minecraft server setup apron payment
    Unlimited Disk Space
    No Overselling
    Free Transfer Help
    Free Modpack Installation
    Custom Plans (Contact us through a support ticket or livechat for this)
    No Lag Guaranteed
    24/7 Support
    Need help? Ask whenever, however!

If you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to contact us through a support ticket or on our live chat.

Also, to get a good discount use the following promotion code to get 10% off. OPENING WEEK

Have a good day,

Michael J

-Chief Executive Officer
please stop advertise your server hosting here, let me know and i'll make a blog for all of you who wants to advertise

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