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Top 10 Mods!

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Nick7966's Avatar Nick7966
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For me i would say TooManyitems Belongs in tenth place! This mod allows you to open your inventory and have the whole selection of blocks in front of you! This mod is great for setting up servers and building. as well as making mod tutorials so you can just get the item you want from it!


This mod greatly deserves its place in a top 10 post. This mod is what we all call AdventureCraft. this mod allows you to create story of your own! you can include cut scenes and great story lines using this mod.Many have been created and posted on the forums wiki page. all maps are great. I personally love the parkour. www.minecraftforum.net/topic/120456-10-adventurecraft-npc-pathing-blocks-r1095/

This mod is the most easiest mod to install and best sound tweaking ever! this mod is called MATmos mod! When near lava the ground sounds shaky. when near water you hear waves. in the forest you will hear birds happily chirping and talking. at night you will hear crickets and other animal sounds. make sure you have a snow golem in your underground home it starts to feel lonely.

Number 7 mod in this post is called...TechnicPack! this mod is sleight better than Yogbox in my opinion. This mod has more mods in it to enjoy or boost your "fun-o-meter" to Full. The mods included in this mod pack are on the website below:
I highly recommend getting this!

In number 6 we have Somnia Mod! this mod allows you to go to bed and select the time you want to wake up during sleeping! The cool thing is that when you are sleeping items in your furnace are still smelting and mobs are still spawning! If you don't like the beds we have now get this mod to make you enjoy having beds.

Number 5 is a great excellent mod that adds Creeps and Weirdos to the game. there are over 50 different type of mobs in this mod! Some are quite funny and others just annoy the F*** out of you. Trust me you will see the weirdest funny mobs you've seen. you have got to see this forum!

This is Number four... I call it Mo Creatures mod! This mod adds jellyfish,goats,scorpions,bears,turtles,fish,manta rays and much more! Getting bored of those stupid Pigs,Cows,and chickens? Extend your animals with this mod by 100%!

For number three it is OptiFine Mod! This game will whipe away your lag and make your game have more FPS! This mod isnt compatible with MCpatcher.
Q:How will i use my HD textures?
A:This mod has a built in patcher for textures.
You will need this mod! trust me! get it!

Animal Bikes! You can ride EVERY mob in the whole game. even the legendary Ender Dragon! all you need to do is craft a mob wheel and right click it. After you right click the mob and you actually ride it! you can use this anytime and never gets old. If your interested download it here:

SMART MOVING MOD!!! This mod adds way better animations to minecraft and more things you can do! i cant even explain it either lol! you will just have to see the videos for more info. please if you have time get this mod please.


If you are festive and celebrate Christmas get this mod! it is called ChristmasCraft! it adds Christmas trees. Santa creeps,eggnog,hot coca,trees,stockings,and wrapping presents! the best thing is that it even will work in SMP!!! Link:

If you have other mods that you like better than these just post it in the comments below!!! thank you for reading this. Remember to Diamond this post! Everything is highly appreciated.


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06/18/2012 7:12 am
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12/21/2011 7:53 pm
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Cool, first time I saw smart moving was on CaptainSparklez's Video!

12/21/2011 7:34 pm
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What about twilight forest?
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