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Top 10 useless items in Minecraft

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Del_boy211's Avatar Del_boy211
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
So I've been ranting way too much lately, it's been getting me a lot of negative comments, so I am making the top 10 useless items in Minecraft.

Gravel:  We all know this one. The reason I put it here is because it can save your life, it can suffocate those who threat you, it can make an arrow where you can snipe those who wish death upon your blocks. So yeah it can save your life, that's why I put it here in #10.

Glowstone: Really, it has barely any use except to kill you and light things up and just BE THERE!

Dirt: This has few uses except for building and pillaring, and for growing food which again, can save your life.

Wool: As much as I love sheep in MC I still hate the fact that their is no use for their item, except for building perpouses.

Bones: These too can save your life by growing wheat and other food with bonemeal, which is important to your survival. But other than taming dogs and growing food they are useless.

Gold: Sky fans will hate on this one, if they do I will delete their comments if they say the word 'budder' or 'butter', the tools are useless, the clock and the blocks are useless too. Except for making Enchanted Golden Apple, which are waaaay too expensive to make and just not worth the effort.

Nether Star: I'm serious, you can ONLY MAKE a becon with this item which is very expensive for only one use... EFFECTS!

Blaze Rods: Their only use is for brewing and just being there...

Grass: No, not the block, the actual grass with which you can obtain by using a sheer, they have no use other than building.

Deadbush: Do I NEED to explain this one? They are a pain in the butt when building, you have to remove them by hand, they sit there and laugh at you while you suffer no food in the desert and make you think they're a pig or a cow or something from a distance, and the only use for this is fuel for your furnace, and even then it takes like 30 - 15 seconds to die in the furnace, but it's fun watching them do so >:3

So that's it, I needed to get this off of my chest, if you have any suggestions for what blog I shall do next, post it in the comments below.

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08/25/2014 7:09 pm
Level 20 : Expert Robot
Sackbot's Avatar
the most useless mob is a bat.
08/05/2014 2:47 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
superlamebro50's Avatar
Gold tools ARE useful because they mine faster. But gold swords have no point.
08/13/2014 2:56 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
HHTheMelon's Avatar
Aren't gold tools the same lasting time as wooden tools?
08/14/2014 5:15 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
superlamebro50's Avatar
Gold tools last less than wood but mine really fast (faster than diamond!)
08/18/2014 8:28 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Taco
k-man2134's Avatar
gold is fricken useless... it may mine faster then diamond but it cant anything only stone.. just useless
07/31/2014 5:50 pm
Level 41 : Master Botanist
xHue's Avatar
You Can Cook With Blaze Rods.
08/01/2014 7:25 am
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
Del_boy211's Avatar
Yeah but that's all really, along with others.
08/06/2014 10:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
-Endermann80-'s Avatar
Blaze Rods are used to craft the Eye of Ender, if you want to go to the End.
07/29/2014 3:40 pm
Level 42 : Master Slime Tamer
flyer4life's Avatar
Grass gives seeds for wheat. Wool for beds. All these items do have a use (I'll give you dead bush) and we commonly work with all of these items: less important, but not useless.
07/29/2014 4:08 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
Del_boy211's Avatar
As I said in the comment below, this is opinion based.
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