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Top 5 Server Plugins - PvP / Factions

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Hey guys! It's Viper here with another top 5! Todays top 5 is the best server plugins (Bukkit) for a pvp/factions server! So let's get started!

5. Combat Log
This plugin is very simple but very affective! It punishes people who are pvping and log out to avoid dying! You can configure it so when they 'PvP Log' they die, loose all their stuff, loose cash and other cool stuff! This plugin only gets 5th place because of its simplicity.

4. ObsidianDestroyer
This plugin is super useful for OP factions because it allows the players to destroy obsidian and other unbreakable blocks using tnt, creeper explosions, wither explosions and more! You can also configure how many hits it takes for you to break the block and if you get the block back!

3. FactionChat
You know in factions versions 1.7 and higher the /f c or /faction chat command was removed? Well, this plugin adds it back! Extreamly useful if you want to message people online in your faction at once.

2. FactionsNametags
This plugin changes the nametags of the players

1. FactionsPlus
Adds many more Factions commands! VERY SUPER DUPER USEFUL!

So, there you have it! The top 5 server plugins for pvp/factions server! Enjoy and remember....

I will remove the links if its against the rules. Please don't remove if it is.
CreditBukkit for the plugins.

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