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Tutorial for finding caves!!!

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Hello, this tutorial should be helpful for finding caves.

  • Lots of pick-axes
  • Difficulty higher than peaceful
  • Armor(not needed just helpful)
  • Sword( 1 or 2)
  • Abillity to hear
  • music at 0% (recommended because it would be easier)

Now that you have met all the requirements. This is how you will find a cave:

Mine down far till you hear Mobs.
Mine in that direction.
Turn to peaceful (if wanted, it is what i do)
If not on peaceful then kill the mobs!!!!! =3
If you hear the mobs but cant find them try below you or above you.
90% of the time you will find a cave.
Peaceful way (harder):
Mine down and everywhere till you hear water.
After that find the water
then plug it up(helpful)

Thank you for reading this so please comment on how i did.
Also this is for the contest.

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