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VoxelSniper commands Tutorial.

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Modiby's Avatar Modiby
Level 57 : Grandmaster Terraformer
VoxelSniper Wiki, Modiby.  2014 Update.

Basics VoxelSniper

- 2 Basic tools and-arrow-powder

VoxelSniper basic commands:

Define Brush:

- / Btool add-arrow: Defines the brush-arrow on the tool you have on hand.
- / Btool add-powder: powder-brush Sets the tool you have on hand.

# NOTE: You can use any tool, shovels and hoes recommend because they are the simplest.
# NOTE: The default tools are gunpowder and arrow, return to their original state after a reload or restart the server.

Performers and extras commands:

- / Vchunk: Updates the selected chunk.
- / Goto XYZ: You are located in the selected position. (you must have your brush in hand)
- / Vs weather: rain stops. (you must have your brush in hand)
- / Vs perf: List of available performers.
- / Vl: define list of materials to apply voxelsinper performers.


A performer is a combination base or specification to use the paintbrush in a specific way.

m - replacement materials
mp - no physical, allows you to place and interact with blocks without causing physical.
mm - material material material replaces the previously defined the main voxel and replacement. Only replace the selected material.
tmp - material without physical material, replaces the previously defined the main voxel materials and replacement. Only replace the selected material.

# TIP: using shift + left click to define the block rm (block replacement) and use shift + click der to define the main block.

Commands for configuring your brush-arrow:

- / B #: Sets the area of processing or application instance "radio" is among the highest number will be the largest application area.
- / V #: Sets the ID of the block you will use for your brush, such as "/ v 1" defines a brush to apply stone blocks.
- / Vi #: Define the variable in your main block, for example if you used "/ v 35" which is wool, put in "/ vi 14" to put red wool because 14 is the variable of red wool (35 : 14)
- / D: Reset your default brush to start editing from the beginning.
- / U #: Undo last action applied with a brush, it is a way to define it as the ctrl + z windows.
- / Vh #: Sets the height of your brush, only serves to actions like dome and centroid.

# NOTE: when using "/ b #" do not use long range application because you can not lagear your server or computer.
# NOTE: do not use IDs as 35:14 you using the 2 points for that there "/ vi #" to define the variable in this case 14.
# NOTE: it is recommended to reset the brush before starting a different structure to avoid confusion and bad combinations.

Commands for forms with your brush-arrow:

- / Bd: Define your brush in the shape of flat disc or circle. (to highlight only works on exposed blocks, you can also paint with this function on flat surfaces)
- / Bb: Define your brush in the shape of a ball or complete, excellent for mass embossed circle.
- / Bv: Define your brush in the shape of a cube or complete, excellent for mass quickly highlighted square.
- / B vd: Define your brush in the form of flat square. (to highlight only works on exposed blocks, you can also paint with this function on flat surfaces)
- / B df: Defines a brush in the form of disk or circle plane defined vertically depending the application, such as walls.
- / B vdf: Define your brush in the shape of square plane defined vertically depending on the application, such as walls.
- / B in <entity>: Create entities within a certain radius.
- / B in info: Displays the list of available entities.
- / Bo: Creating default layer oceans in number Y = 63.
- / Be: Eroding soil is similar to brush ball voxel 0 but has more rough details.
- / B ca: cut caves and canyons. # CARE MUCH LAG.
- / B set: similar to WorldEdit tool. Select a point and then the other. (Nearby define your voxel ID)
- / B jockey: Lets sit on the selected entity. For example for other players.
- / B er: Eliminator entities in the selected radio.
- / B biome: Brush Tool biomes.

PERCENTAGES FRAGMENTED # [VARIABLES] S10000 = Seed G10000 100% = 100% Growth recursions R10000 = 100%

- / B sd: fragmented disk, brush painting in fragmentation.
- / B sb: fragmented ball, creating fragmented brush balls.
- / B sv: fragmented nature, creating fragmented brush cubes.
- / B blob: blob brush brush terraforming random. Structures on shaped structures peculiar.
- / B sstair: creator of stairs and floors.
- / B sover: integrates fragmented functions analogous to resemble layers, eg / b sd no longer be in the air, will be integrated.
- / B bvd: smooth disk and square layers for terraforming.
- / Bv b: smooth systematic layered square reducer.
- / B bd: smooth reducing systematic layered disc.
- / Bb b: smooth soft ball reducer.
- / B snow: snow layers painted surfaces (only valid for brush-powder)
- / B shb: create a shell without affecting the interior.
- / B re: terraforming eroding random, randomly naturalize areas.
- / B erase: removes all except blocks, stone, sand, gravel, dirt and grass. (only valid for brush-powder)
- / B com: throws fireballs at selected areas.
- / B drain: Drain water and washed with the selected radio.
- / B hr: Up brush massive heat generated obsidian, rock and fire.
- / B over: [all - some] paints the surface with another block. (overlay)
- / B dome: [defined width with / by height / vh]
- / B light: destructive ray launch your brush.
- / B rot2v [degrees]: rotate or flip in WorldEdit. In degrees from the predetermined radius.
- / B cls: snowpack cleaner according to the selected radio.
- / Bc: creator of cylinders depending on the height and radius.


- / B gt: Generates a tree based on the Following parameters.
lt # - Leaf value [data value]. Sheet Variable
wt # - Wood type [data value]. Wood Variable
tt # - Tree thickness [whole number]. Width of the trunk.
rf # - Root float [true or false]. Floating Raiz.
sh # - Starting height [whole number]. Height defined as "/ b gt SH10" the tree created from 10 after the height of the box.
rl # - Root length [whole number]. Sets the size of the tree root.
ts # - Truck slope while [0-1000]. Opening between branches.
bl # - Branch length [whole number]. length of the cups (hand effect)
minr # - Minimum amount of roots [whole number]. Minimum roots.
MaxR # - Maximum amount of roots [whole number]. Maximum root.
minh # - Minimum height [whole number]. Minimum height of the cup.
MaxH # - Maximum height [whole number]. Maximum height of the cup. (resize height of the tree)
MINL # - Minimum leaf node size [whole number]. Minimum radius of the canopy of leaves.
maxl # - Maximum leaf node size [whole number]. Maximum radius of the canopy of leaves.
default - Restore default parameters. Return the tree to the default settings.

# NOTE: remember that your paint brush according to the ID defined in the settings of your brush.
# TIP: using small radii to define more natural and less symmetrical shapes.

Terraforming commands or mountain formation, smoothing and reliefs with your brush-arrow:

- / Be melt: Function melt to adjust the elevation of the textures provided by reducing or moving but never increase.
- / Be fill: function fill, fill holes or defects with a square trend.
- / Be smooth: softening and smoothing function located blocks to create a more harmonious landscape in question blocks out of place.
- / Be lift: lift function allows you to increase the volume of the selected areas with a tendency to rise.
- / Bt: Function placement of trees, while executing this command a list of types of trees will be displayed in the chat, you must use the command like this: "/ bt big_tree" or the equivalent.

# NOTE: Do not abuse terraforming functions as its tendency will always leave everything symmetrical and natural relief will be lost.
# NOTE: The trees can only be placed on natural blocks such as dirt, stone, grass etc, or even tree on tree.

Guide for Spanish-date version of VoxelSniper 2014, for more information visit the official website of Voxel in English:

Translated and applied by @ _Modiby for VertexTeam, team building www.vertexmc.net/

If you have served or made the article interesting you please give a diamond clicking above, it will help me a lot and motivate me up the guide in Spanish WorldEdit.


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04/24/2017 12:44 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
BioticBuilds's Avatar
Hey my voxel sniper keeps getting this message whenever i do /b (brush)

it says :
Current Tool: Default Tool
No brush selected

and thats it... and its all in white no color or anything like voxel should be xP is anyone else having this issue and have other people had it and solved it? I dont know if it is like perms are beieng weird, or if its the plugin its self, but if anyone has any ideas, or has been able to solve this problem in the past, I would really like help with this!
03/02/2017 3:32 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Squirtlspkmn's Avatar
Is there a way to increase the maximum limit of copying a region in Voxel Sniper ?
04/28/2017 8:42 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Incea13's Avatar
I think there isn't an limit.
06/12/2017 6:54 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Network
enderslayer602's Avatar
Yeah, there shouldn't be a limit if you're Opped, but if there is, just scroll through the /help VoxelSniper pages
01/06/2017 3:47 am
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
FreshRoboThresh's Avatar
Hi, I recently saw a few videos of ppl terraforming and I saw them using cmd's like "/b eb melt and /b eb lift" etc. However, I couldn't figure how they used it or if it is an addon to VS. Maybe you could help me out here. All I know is that there is brushes like /b e lift and /b e melt. Are thoose the same brushes?

EDIT: Also the brushes that they used in the videos are way smoother.
02/19/2017 4:30 pm
Level 26 : Expert Artist
Lepidus_'s Avatar
Try commands such as /b bb. That blends everything together rather than smooth the rough edges.
02/20/2017 9:30 am
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
FreshRoboThresh's Avatar
I know the basic and common Voxel commands. Apparently the creator of the "better brushes" addon has taken his work offline and only a small amount of ppl still have the plugin. It took very long to find it.
08/26/2016 7:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
PaulThePerson's Avatar
I have a question- I just got voxelsniper on my server once again, but is it still possible to make custom erosion brushes? I NEED CUSTOM BRUSHES! If anyone knows that would be a HUGE help!
04/28/2017 8:44 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Incea13's Avatar
Search on YouTube; Custum Brushes for VoxelSniper
08/20/2016 12:29 am
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Icefang23's Avatar
Anyone know how to use color specific blocks? I'm trying to do so with brown stained clay (159:12) and its saying it is an invalid item ID
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