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Underwater Ruins: Structure Origin

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avatar Spy Jay
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Steve, my future grandson. There are several beginnings, from different areas of what's known to this infinite world and in it's other dimensions. This on the other hand, is how the waters began. Underwater Ruins, is a proper name. However grandson, only at this point in time. Were they always there? That's a story to tell.

These ruins come from parts of a huge kingdom surrounded by jungle. The jungle is slowly regrowing above the waters in fact. The history of these ruins is why there is water to go around, started by the god of the sea Poseidon. Zeus, the God of Gods, and the practical God above all stuck with his two brothers Poseidon and Hades. He did not let the power realization of how high he actually is get to him. Side by side he ruled the gods WITH his brothers. They were a royal family, ruling three of the core instances. They had clubs under the sea. disciplinarians hired at the Underworld, and a main hub in the clouds where they all shared a platform of thrones.

Every god served a purpose, every god was there for a reason. Originally, the lower tier gods did not focus on the unfair circumstances Zeus put himself under with his brothers. The three of them we peacefully happy with what they ruled together, until Athena spoke up. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war petitioned to have this fixed. This was a fork in the type of kingdom Mount Olympus was supposed to be. So she when she addressed them at the thrones it was stated that if a division does not occur, a large revolution will fight against the three gods all at once until they are put at shame. Then, a new god will be chosen to rule each the seas, the underworld, and skies individually.

When it came to the Underworld and the Seas, Hades and Poseidon knew that it was destiny that they belonged their. At this point the relationship was different, they wanted to stick together as a family. More essentially when it came to the seas, Poseidon originally had not issue with how things were just like the two. This was a long thought between the three brothers, Zeus had his mind set on not caring. He made it clear that if a revolution is attempted lives will simply be taken to stay above and keep the commitment made to their father Cronus.

Poseidon and Hades were about to agree.. Until an arrow shot at the wall with a note attached to it. Zeus slowly pulled down the paper and it said: "In the process of this revolution your father goes down as well. Come to a decision fast" - Athena & Apollo

This action put a huge shift in the minds of Poseidon and Hades, because unlike Zeus that a lot more care for Cronus. Hades and Poseidon were always up for a fight when a challenge came, but in this particular situation they were no longer down to risk losing and letting their father die in the process. Known to be stubborn, Zeus was not willing to comply. The three of them no longer had their heads up to be aware of alert of a simple revolution started by people 80% weaker than them.

This became something much more serious, so a battle between the three of them began. Poseidon and Hades fought for the same purpose, so this was technically a two on one. It was a very long fight, and right when Zeus was almost done for.. The revolution intruded the palace ready to ambush. At that moment, it was either kill Zeus or allow themselves to die by the hands of 10,000 opposing troops charging at them all at once, and this included gods. Rest assured, even though Zeus was pinned down they put a pause on that specific focus, and glared at the amount of beings come toward them.

With faith in each other, it took them one move of hope. Poseidon implanted his trident in the ground, Zeus began charging it up with electricity, and lastly Hades gave it a death tap which blasted a huge chain reaction of triple projected godly power. Killing everyone except the 50 gods whom only felt a weak impact by it.

Poseidon: Zeus, it's not worth it. Let's do this for our father, we can't keep up this act.

Hades: It is selfish at this point Zeus, let us separate to where we belong. Or we all die at the hand of conference.

With emotional struggle, Zeus nods in agreement. However his last thing to say was filled with hostility.

Zeus: Just know, a God is supposed to be strong in all ways. Not willing to stand your point and surrender to troops we can CLEARLY defeat easily, is the sign of a weak heart. Go have a good swim Poseidon, and get back to playing dead Hades. Under my watch, it won't be like this very long. You'll know when the time comes.

Although this expresses a fallout between the brothers who just wanted to be happy, they both went where they belonged. On Poseidon's part, he is still "ruling" the seas to this day, slowly abandoning ruins and letting jungle kelp overgrow the kingdom. As an accommodation to Zeus, so when there is no more sea he has no where else to go but to be with his brother again. Whether or not they'll be on good speaking terms when this is the case? That's a good question, though not very easily to be answered.

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