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What is Griefing?

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Griefing is a serious problem in the Minecraft Community, basically a Griefer is a person you irritates or angers people through building, destroying or other social means. Luckily some servers have Anti-Grief Plugins which keep Griefers from destroying peoples work or building on land. However lots of Griefers log onto less popular servers and apply for server staff when they become a staff member they use Admin or Mod powers to abuse people on the server or destroy buildings (or construct inappropriate content). Most Griefers don't have much of a reason to Grief they either do it because they believe its fun, cool, they're bored, or they need attention. Griefers have lately begun to establish organized Griefing teams luckily for servers this has pushed the creation of many Anti-Grief Plugins but, the Griefers seem to find some way around most of these making it an endless struggle. In a way Griefing could be classified as a form of Cyber-Bullying which is illegal in the US. Here is a list of some Griefing tools that I copied from Minecraft Wiki (I did not create this list and take no credit for it). I hope you all understand that Griefing is a bad thing to do and can anger many people because they have put hard work and effort into their builds.

  • Griefer Tools
  • Kill Aura or Forcefield: Kill auras, and similar mods called ForceFields, automatically hit/attack any players or mobs within the range of the player.
  • Aimbot: Aimbot is a hack which does what might seem obvious: It aims at the closest player or mob, which allows the user of the aimbot to get a better hit. These are often combined with Kill Auras.
  • Autosoup: This hack is used to automatically switch to a full soup in your inventory, eat it, then switch back to your first slot/weapon. It is used on Kitpvp servers which utilize an autoeat plugin, while using it you are practically invincible until you run out of soup.
  • Build: Build hacks are simply modifications that instantly place blocks in a predetermined pattern. Common builds include cubes, pillars, swastikas, and platforms.
  • Critical: This hack is used make sure you always hit a critical attack upon another player and/or mob. There's one which forces it without actually jumping, and one which jumps before attacking. Both are effective.
  • ESP: This hack draws a 3D box around the player which is viewable from a long distance and through blocks to locate the player, in some cases, also displays some info; Object in hand, armor, co-ords.
  • FastPlace: This modification eliminates the normal delay when placing blocks. This may also be applied to placing eggs in order to create a lot of entities in a short amount of time.
  • Flight or Fly: Not necessarily used just for griefing, this hack gives the user the ability to fly similar to as if he or she was in Creative mode, often at adjustable speed levels.
  • Spider : This mod, similar to but less obvious as flight, causes every block the player encounters to be treated as if it had vines, allowing access to areas not normally accessible, used for griefing and especially for PvP.
  • Freecam: This mod allows the user to separate him or herself from his or her body and fly around to scout out areas. Since infinite reach was patched, the user of this mod cannot affect any blocks outside his or her reach radius. However, this hack can be used to freecam into obsidian bases, and open chests within the player's reach distance.
  • Fullbright: This hack lights up all blocks as if they were in direct sunlight, even in pitch blackness. The addition of the "Night Vision" potion in Snapshot 12w32a makes this feature obtainable in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Godmode: This makes the user invincible, preventing them from being able to take damage. Almost all versions of this hack have been patched, but there are still some versions which still exist.
  • HighJump: This allows the player to jump higher than normal, often at an adjustable jump height.
  • NoFall: This hack prevents damage from being taken when falling from high areas.
  • Nuker or Annihilator: This destroys all blocks within reach radius automatically and quickly. They are also often configurable, allowing the user to destroy only certain block types.
  • Sneak: This allows griefers to sneak indefinitely, and without being slowed down. This will keep their nameplates hidden behind walls just as if they were holding the sneak button.
  • Spam or Flood: This allows the client to send a large number of chat messages to the server, and often very quickly. This is partially patched in vanilla, with the "disconnect.spam" kick message if you send messages too fast.
  • SpeedMine or FastBreak: This allows the user to break blocks much faster than normal. It does not usually work on blocks such as obsidian, however.
  • Instant or OneClick: These may sound similar to SpeedMine, but it is not the same thing. Instant and OneClick both allow the user to click blocks once without holding their mouse down, and a short time after, the block will break as if they had clicked and held to break it. This makes it easier to destroy multiple blocks quickly.
  • Step: This modification allows for the user to simply walk up multiple blocks as if they were half steps. The number of blocks is usually adjustable.
  • Tracers: This hack draws a line, which starts at the crossarrow, and ends at another players position. It is used to locate a player accurately.
  • X-Ray or Wallhack: Stops the rendering of any block besides ones desirable to the griefer. This hack is often used to find chests or valuable minerals such as diamond. It can be partially prevented using server plugins that disguise ores and chests that are not adjacent to transparent blocks.
  • Sprint or Speed: This will make the player sprint at the normal sprint speed, or faster. Most of the time, this will not deplete hunger.


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