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What makes you a minecrafter? A story written by BRASH

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Level 35 : Artisan Architect
What makes me a Minecrafter?

Is it the freedom given inside a endless world? Is it the love you have towards specific animals upon the minecraft world?

the moment you open your very first world ever upon minecraft. And
seeing what it has to offer. you quickly become experienced in chopping
trees with your bare hands. then you gaze upon the rolling sunset as you
quickly build a makeshift house out of materials you was able to gather
quickly. then it becomes night. the cold air that wipes across your
chin as you spend the night indoors without a pillow to lay your head

You want to venture out into the unknown and understand what the
world has to offer. As you wonder along you do get to learn by your
mistakes of what you should and shouldn't do. such as digging down or
walking on lava. or smacking the bottoms of wolves. As time goes by you
begin accomplishing achievements and trading with the villagers and you
finally upgraded your home then you find diamonds and now you are
invincible, until you come across one thing. The end portal.

are curious as to what it does and where it leads you so you hop
inside. As a mysterious sound overcomes your ears and a motion of
blurred reality starts to fade away you are then in a new dimension. It
was a strange and eerie feeling being here not that much room to explore
and loot. Then suddenly you hear a strange noise in the background
knowing it was not one of the known animals or mobs you've already faced
previously. It sounded much larger with a booming and screeching voice
fuelled with anger. as you slowly begin to walk cautiously towards the
unknown ritual looking area you are greeted by a dragon. The dragon of
the end. As you panic you take one swing with your diamond sword
thinking it could hurt the beast but it doesnt faze him. not one bit. In
fear you run towards the end portal to survive your escape explosions
going off behind you as you run quicker and quicker! dust and rubble
exploding in your face and you can barely see where to run as you choke
on the dust in the air. You make it to the end portal wondering what
that beast was guarding. You soon realised you had to defeat the beast
in the end. so you quickly go mining sweating refusingly as your trying
to find ores of all sorts. Weeks go past sometimes months go on. As
steve goes weary and restless aching at the knees. He has finally found
everything he needed to defeat the dragon. with his fighting experience
with other mobs he is now able to take on the dragon. he even created an
anvil and named his sword "the beast" as he finished smacking the sword
he then topped it off with the enchantments at the enchantment table.
with smite 3 and all the other goodies he could add. He did need sleep
so he decided to sleep. Next day arrived as the chicken clucked and the
cows in his wheat field goes moo. He decided he wanted to defeat the
beast early in the afternoon so he planned a big meal since he was
hungry. He had a magnificent feast that he feasted on. The fresh smell
of freshly pulled carrots and fresh baked breads scent rolling out the
window. and his lovely chicken roast he cooked. As the feast ended he
got suited and was ready for battle. In one last sigh he gazed at his
home and his farm animals knowing that he might not return. He gives his
animals one last feed and then he's off towards the end. The moment he
steps through the end he feels somewhat rejoiced knowing that all he's
been through, all the mishaps and other awesome things from laughs, from
silly villagers noses, to the awesome discoveries of temples. He knows
he is ready for the next big challenge. He has no hesitation and rushes
in for battle. The dragon then screams a blood curdling scream and
blasts gassy fire towards steve. Steve quickly dodges and starts
swinging at the dragon with a brute force and concentration knowing
he's trained basically all his life for this moment. He keeps attacking
then hiding in cover as the dragon retreats so he can have a clear mind
he eats some food and drinks some water to stay alert and conscious then
he returns back to battle. The battle carries on for 30 minutes. Steve
is weak and low on food. His armour is damaged and he's bleeding. But he
carries on panting as he swings and strikes the dragon while the dragon
lashes back. Then, Steve. Thinking he was defeated hears a unknown
scream not from him slowly dying but from the dragon. A bright light
happens in front of his eyes steve couldnt bare the light so he holds
his arm up blocking the light. Then an explosion occurs releasing
wonderful jewels for steve. He then notices after months upon months of
building dirt houses to fighting off creepers, to building his own
little empire. Steve had won. The purest smile on steve's face as he
resides what he's accomplished in his world he then exits the portal.
Once back at the mainlands he is greeted by the villagers thanking him
for defeating the ender dragon. They begin to celebrate the freedom of
the villagers from the dragons grasp. Then, the credits role... and it
goes blank.... three... four.... five months goes by without him in the
world. the crusader steve that defeated the dragon. Steve feels bad for
not returning for such a long time. So like anyone. He returns. Once he
spawned in he see's his old mailbox with cobweb hanging from it. he gets
a warm and gentle sigh as he gazes upon his old home. As he opens his
gate and walks down the gravel road towards his farm he sees the beauty
in his creations. He then quickly opens up his barn and sees his little
family of pigs and sheep and cows and chickens all happy to see him. He
is greeted with kisses from the animals and he whips up a lovely meal
for his farm. Even though everything is at peace in the end He want to
continue living, loving, exploring, and of course. Being a Minecrafter.
So what makes you a minecrafter you say? well if you really want to
know. listen to your heart.


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