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What to do with crash-logs?

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avatar TheLarsinator
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What to do with crash-logs?
I usually never write blogs, but today I thought I would talk about this issue. When playing with Minecraft mods, no matter for what Minecraft version, you will most certainly encounter a crash. After the game closes you get a nice, big crash-log. This log explains what caused the crash, and is vital for the modder to solve the crashes. We really want you guys to send us these reports, but in the last few weeks Ive seen many that paste the entire log into the comments under a post. This doesn't only make the log incredibly hard to read, but it also clogs the comment section. 

A filled up comment section makes it hard for people to find answers to questions, and for us modders to find the questions. Therefor you should send us the crash-logs in a different way. The prefered way to send us the crash-log is to use this beautifull site called http://pastebin.com/. Here you simply paste the log and click "Submit". This will provide you with a small link that you can write in your comment. 

This is zoomed out to 25% and still doesnt show the entire comment....

This comment contains the exact same information, but keeps the comment section much more neat. 

So I hope to see a lot of pastebin links in the future because I love helping everyone getting the mods to work propperly! Have a nice summer, 


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