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What would happen if Anime characters played Minecraft? {Character Limit Reached, no-more requests...}

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Hey guys, AnimeFanFTW here, and today, I decided to answer the question of "What will all my favourite anime characters do if they played Minecraft?"

Well, I made a list of what all my favourite anime characters would do if they decided to play a game of Minecraft. Enjoy!

(If you want to see your favourite anime character on this list, comment the name of the character, the anime show they are from, and what you think they would do.)

Naruto (Naruto) - Tries to protect all his friends in PvP Arenas, only to remember that his Minecraft character doesn't have a nine-tailed fox in it, and proceeds to run for his life.

Sasuke (Naruto) - He would just kill any living thing he sees.

Rock Lee (Naruto) - Strives to be the BEST MINECRAFT PLAYER EVAR!!!!! (He currently has a gold mansion, diamond armour and sword enchanted to the MAX, several mini-game arenas in his backyard, has 538 tamed wolves, defeated the Ender Dragon 23 times, has a 5-star kitchen, and he holds parties at his mansion every Tuesday and Friday nights.)

Hinata (Naruto) - Would never go near anyone on a server, unless Naruto was on the server, in which she would proceed to follow Naruto from a distance.

Son Goku (Dragonball Z) - Becomes a PvP Champion without even trying because Goku is a badass like that.

Vegeta (Dragonball Z) - Gets disappointed at how weak his character is and proceeds to blast his computer to little tiny bits.

Yamcha (Dragonball Z) - Would die in 3 minutes (on Peaceful Mode), then give up playing.

Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) - Would get VERY close to the villagers and press Shift WAAAAAAAY too many times.

Stocking (Panty and Stockingwith Garterbelt) - Would download and install a Chocolate and Sweets Mod and just eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat...........

Chuck (Panty and Stockingwith Garterbelt) - Would always die, with each death more creative as the last.

Scanty and Kneesocks (Panty and Stockingwith Garterbelt) - They would own a server with so many rules that no one goes on.

Ruby Rose (RWBY) - Would absolutely destroy every enemy and look awesome doing it. Too bad she doesn't have her Sniper Rifle/Scythe with her!

Yang (RWBY)- The same as Ruby, but with more punches, more explosions and more awesome.

Blake (RWBY)- She would be one of those players that jump from tree to tree, is excellent at PvP, but almost never talks to anyone.

Weiss (RWBY)- Would be like Scanty and Kneesocks: Own a server with lots of rules, only that she would argue over EVERYTHING!!!


Everyone in the anime "Deadman Wonderland" - An endless game of Cops N' Robbers.

Yurippe (Angel Beats) - Would download a gun mod and grief Angel.

Kanade (Angel Beats) - Is excellent at PvP but would always be alone on a server... ;n;

Light (Death Note) - Command /kill players all day, every day!

Simon (Gurren Lagann)- Installed a giant robot mod so he can ride giant robots. When he isn't in a robot, he's digging. And digging. And some more digging.

Kamina (Gurren Lagann)- No matter how dire his situation is, no matter how tough the enimies get, no matter how hard the game gets, he will never give up. He never retreats. He's manly. He'll scream to all that question his play-style "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" (He would also have a giant robot mod installed)

Yoko (Gurren Lagann)- Is an amazing shot with a bow and arrow, but will always be stalked by males in servers because of the........skin she would use.

Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)-She's a good bow and gun user, but don't take her to any Mo'Creatures or Divine RPG world, or else, she'll die brutally... again.She'll be mostly good in Flan's Mod servers though, with respect to her weaponry.(Submitted by HatsyaSouji)

Kirto or Kazuto Kiriagaya (Sword Art Online)-He would most likely become a loner and go on his own to become the strongest player in a PvP server, and win EVERY tournament! (Submitted by Conner65)

Sakura (Naruto)- When she is not busy stalking Sasuke, she is helping out fellow Minecraft Players, giving them Healing Potions, Golden Apples and is very good when she is in your team. Also, TNT-like punches! (Submitted by Pandy10)

Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia)- Would download and install a Pasta Mod, eat Pasta all day and nothing else, freak out when England joins his server to invade his base and would ask his secret love interest, Germany's help every 10 minutes. (Submitted by MayuriYandere)

America (Axis Powers Hetalia)-Would help defend other players' bases from being raided, but ends up being bribed with stacks of food to leave.(Submitted by DerpyKat)

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)-He would use hacks, but would use them to protect new players from being raided. (Also submitted by DerpyKat)

Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)- Brings justice to the villagers and the people in servers, or anyone without enough justice. (Submitted by Muffin Master)

Yomi Takanashi (Black Rock Shooter)- She would hide in a corner and weep about how nobody likes her. ;-; (Submitted by xXEndermanBehindU)

Snorlax (Pokemon)- Would just sit under a tree and eat apples ALL day! (Submitted by Vicki7783)

Izaya Orihara (Durarara)- Trolls people and acts like a girl on servers with marriage plugin or even without it, and then kills and raids their base. He would also turn factions against each other and cause the server to crash. (Submitted by Nyanekomimi)

Squid Girl (Squid Girl!)- Would spend all day swimming around and hanging out with squids on beaches, and own a chest shop that sells nothing but squid ink sacks. (Yet another submittion from DerpyKat)

Ichigo (Bleach)- Would kill every mob in Minecraft! (Submission by AMCAtomic)

Sebastian (Black Butler)- Kills anything his master wants him to kill. (Another submission by AMCAtomic)

Rukia (Bleach)- Freezes every mob in Minecraft (Yet another submission from AMCAtomic)

Ciel (Black Butler) - Tells Sebastian to kill anyone that he wants. (Fourth submission by AMCAtomic)

Shezuki (Amnesia Girl)- She would die and respawn all the time and forget stuff! (Submittion by Warrior_Ajk)

Kaito Shion (Vocaloid)- Would search the land for ice-cream. And then he would throw himself off a cliff because there is none. (Submission by -+KawaiiMiku+-)

Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)- Would try to grow some leeks. (Submission also by -+KawaiiMiku+-)

Kasune Teto (UTAU)- Would be a farmer so she can eat all the bread. (Another submission by -+KawaiiMiku+-)

Kyubey (Madoka Magica)- Would try and steal the villager kids' souls and turn them into Magical Villagers! (Again, another submission from -+KawaiiMiku+-)

Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)- Would search the world for Yuki. (Yes, I know. Yet another submission from -+KawaiiMiku+-)

Devil Girl (Hell Girl)-She would create a server where people would come online at midnight and write revenge notes to Devil girl. And then Devil girl will give them a Steve head if the person who is going to take the revenge, wears that head, the person who he/she wants to take revenge on will be killed by Devil girl with /kill. (Submission by Warrior_Ajk)

Natsu (Fairy Tale)- Will ride a Minecart and get "Minecart-sick" and barf lava all over the rails. He'll also try to absorb the Ender Dragon's Ender Fire but fail badly because the Ender Dragon doesn't breathe fire. (Submission by nepew0_new)

Chi-Chi (Dragonball Z)- Will log on and spam "GOKU WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS!?! GET A LIFE!!!" (Another submission by nepew0_new)

Ash (Pokemon)- Would try to tame every mob and use a Pig, Cow, Chicken, Zombie, Creeper all LVL 80 to defeat and capture the EnderDragon...and fail badly because there's no Poke-balls. (Third submission by nepew0_new)

Pikachu (Pokemon) - Keeps yelling "PEEK-AH CHU!" at everyone AND everything. Pikachu would sometimes jump into water while trying to do his/her cool electrocution moves, but s/he just shocks himself with his own attack. How is s/he still alive today...? (Submission by Steven295695)

Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny) - Would be confused on any new updates and try to save everyone from harm. Most likely, he'll goof off and need rescuing himself. (Submission by K-Shun)

Tomi and Yomi (Azumanga Daioh) - Tomi would probably go out and want to play hardcore MvP and/or PvP. Yomi would have to come andtell Tomi to calm the heck down. (Another submission by MayuriYandere)

Lucario (Pokemon) - Sense the arua of everyone and see's only blockiness. It would be loyal to everyone and would over-power dogs. (Submission by Lucariocios)

Slowpoke (Pokemon) - Would annoy Snorlax and Pikachu into giving him some yummy apples. Slowly. (Another submission by Lucariocios)

Louie (Rune Soldier) - Punches everything, which in the game only does 1/2 a heart of damage. But still wins. (Submission by Dusty012)

Brock (Pokemon) - Would go up to every single girl and flirt the heck out of them until dat Croagunk jabs him and somehow injects him with poison. (Submission by PeachyG1rl)

Robin (Witch Hunter Robin) - Hunts witchs a lot until there are non in the server or single player world, then restart a world or go onto another server and hunts witches more. (Submission by Tanasmmo)

Maka (Soul Eater) - She downloads a scythe mod to make Soul jealous. (Submission by Sonic66882)

Nanami and Hinata (Super Dangan Ronpa 2) - She'd be like, "..." and while splaying beat the game in ten minutes. She'll also fall asleep while playing, and Hinata would be like. "This is boring." But, be thankful because if he has enough freetime to play this. Someone's not dead. (Submission by Summertime)

Komaeda (Super Dangan Ronpa 2) - He'd spawn in on Hardcore mode, fall down a hole. End up finding diamonds in less than five minutes. (Another submission by Summertime)

Togami (Dangan Ronpa: The Animation) - He'd spawn in diamonds, and force everyone on a server to be his servants. (Yet another submission by Summertime)

Death the Kid (Soul Eater) - Would spend all night trying to flatten a dessert. (Submission by Narwal_Lover13)

Taiga (Toradora!) - Goes to other player's houses and eats all their food. (Submission by cdcgirl)

Jasmine (Deltora Quest) - Spends forever trying to find Kree but fails miserably because she doesn't know that birds aren't implemented into the game. (Submission by PeachyG1rl)

Black Star and Tsubaki (Soul Eater): Black star would challenge all players in pvp, thus becoming king (that includes challenging goku :o) Tsubaki would watch from a distance and wonder...what the heck is wrong with this guy o-o (Submission by Description12)

It seems that I hit the character limit...

Until the next blog...
This is AnimeFanFTW, over and out!
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Well, I like to make my submissions relate to anime in some way. xD
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Lol i like the Rock Lee and Edward Elric ones...and the Death the Kid one >.<
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