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What You Shouldn't Do When Meeting Minecraft Celebrities.

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SoggyTractor's Avatar SoggyTractor
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What You Shouldno t Do When Meeting Minecraft Celebrities.

We all know the types of celebrities in Minecraft - the YouTubers, the map-makers, the Mojang developers (well, just Notch), the PMC creators. And someday, we all want to meet them.

Fortunately, the wonderful world of technology makes it possiblemeet them. Just join the lobby of a popular server where they film YouTube videos, spend hours in the PMC chat, or stalk them on Twitter - so you can find out where and when to make a move. Keep doing that and youo re bound to run into a well-known Minecraft player someday.

But how do you react when youo re finally in their presence? What do you say? Will they even want to talk to you? Usually, the meeting is so unexpected that you might act like this:


or like this:


And thato s exactly what you shouldno t do. Dono t be like that SoggyTractor guy.

Although it might make Cyprezz and Paril feel great when people cherish them, theyo re just normal guys sitting at their computers going about their business. In that instance, Cyprezz had a mountain of bugs to fix and didno t want to be distracted. So just think about their situations before you act.

Another example is this:


Which musto ve been extremely annoying for Hypixel. Come to think of it, I would be mildly disturbed if some stranger told me he was in love with me. And I would be even more disturbed if I was a celebrity and someone said this to me:


Because ito s the internet, and because the celebrity seems more like a godly, far-away figure than an actual person, ito s easy to get carried away and say things that would make them look as uncomfortable as this:


Basically, dono t go saying random things. You can scar people for life with some kinds of talk. Just think about what you say, and maybe ask them a calm, simple question to connect with them. (e.g. "what are you filming in this video, Jerome?") Don't bother saying "hi". With so many people likely to be doing the same, you're not going to get a response.

Moreover, dono t make stupid requests (eg. "BajanCandian, can you come on MY server?!"). If thereo s dozens or even hundreds of people trying to talk to the famous person, dono t add to the commotion. In a server lobby for instance, by all means, twerk in front of them in order to get on YouTube, stare at them and follow them around (fair enough), but apart from that, dono t treat them as anything other than a normal MC player. They have feelings too; and can easily get stressed out by all the attention.

I know what it feels like to get that attention. As a moderator on a server where I had to constantly rate people's builds and give them points, everyone was always talking to me, buttering me up, and throwing questions in my face. Believe me, being the centre of attention gets dull.

Hopefully, now you know how not to react to celebrities in Minecraft. I hope you meet the Minecrafters of your dreams and try your hardest to be polite, thoughtful and orderly around them...


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02/26/2016 6:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SheepDude's Avatar
I met BadBoyHalo and got to talk to him one on one on my TeamSpeak channel. It all started with talking to a Mod named in the lobby. I told him I wanted to talk to Bad, so he moved me to the Staff channel. He told Bad I wanted to talk, and we moved to my channel. I asked Bad if he wanted to collaborate for YouTube since I also have a channel, and he said he would check out my channel and asked me my favorite game mode on the server, probably so that he could find me online. I've been waiting for about two weeks or so and know he's busy with the server, but I hope we can collaborate!!
02/26/2016 7:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SheepDude's Avatar
I also met ZexyZek, Jerome, Mitch, and Sky all about a year or two ago. I also met Bad one other time on MCPvP and got a screenie.
12/25/2015 8:05 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Pig
pigking188's Avatar
I met DanTDM on Mineplex and have video proof. (I did not go crazy).
07/31/2014 5:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Breckin101's Avatar
I met MrTindervox on Wynncraft once. Everyone was spamming 'OMG Tinder Hi!" and I can only imagine the amount of PMs he was getting. I just said, "Hows recording?" And he started talking to me. I even made a reference to one of his vids, but that kinda backfired by getting him a little pissed. Even though youre not supposed to do this, i asked him to come on my server and he did! Don't spam ask them, but if you get a chance, by all means, take it!
Crimson The Zorua
01/11/2014 9:54 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Ninja
Crimson The Zorua's Avatar
I've never met any Minecraft Celebrities, but i have seen one of my skins in A Video by Bodil40. Close enough, right?
11/16/2013 5:01 am
Level 23 : Expert Mage
SakuraChan's Avatar
I met ASFjerome and BajanCanadian once, Actually not long ago I did.
11/14/2013 5:56 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
hootjjj's Avatar
I met you once!
11/03/2013 5:21 am
Level 36 : Artisan Droid
GiganticBlock's Avatar
Oh and i also meet hypixel once on he's server. He was flying around.
11/03/2013 5:20 am
Level 36 : Artisan Droid
GiganticBlock's Avatar
I once meet mark from mojang at the hypixel's server. I was so happy he answered to everyone's questions. Now i know there isn't rule against griefing in minecraft :(.
10/27/2013 4:05 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Skinner
TreePiggy's Avatar
I have met BebopVox... however... I may have overreacted when I saw him...
omg Bebop if you read my message i would be the happiest person ever!!!

Also, I met Notch once on this Mojang dedication server a year back... that was the best moment in Minecraft for me. He didn't talk to me though... he just walked around... and a horde of players followed him lol.
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