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Why do People Pick on other People?

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Serin's Avatar Serin
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Why do People Pick on other People?
I've been seeing a lot of name calling, physical violence and other stuff.
Our school has an anti-bullying program and different kinds of bullying are not allowed. Especially Physical Bullying. We children,teenagers and parents don't approve of Cyberbullying on the internet. I wanna help out anybody who has problems with bullies and thinks they're just stupid and mean. If you wanna know some reasons why people bully. Here:

They Have Problems With Life
Some bullies have horrible pasts or problems and they don't have the guts or feelings to tell other people. So they just take out their anger out to the world. So be careful.

They Just Hate You
Bullies pick the most weakest people or most gullible. Especially nerds. These are the ones that just tease you for no reason at all and pretends that you had done something so bad they wanna bully you for it.

They Do It For Fun
These are the ones who just love teasing you to entertain them. They (probably) have a soft side in them that wants to stop but they are just too mean. Most bullies bully for entertainment because they think their just lame loners who have no lives. They don't wanna be one so they entertain themselves by bullying.

They Were Raised Evil or Mean
Have you ever thought of evil parents or evil stepparents or evil aunt and uncles and more? What if bullies were just raised dangerous and mean? What if they lived in a poor, grumpy city and been raised by rich criminals? So be careful there children. *shivers

They Work For Someone
Do you think bullies work for someone rich and paying them money if they hurt people? Like a hitman but no killing? BE CAREFUL!!!! *Shivers again

They Love Seeing People in Pain
Bullies love seeing people get hit in the stomach or someone getting a wedgie. If someone gets squished by a car they don't car at all. They love the pain in someone's eyes.

They Want To Be OP (Overpowered) or King or Queen!
Since they're like almost the most powerful one in class they can get people do what they want. Like "Buy me apple juice with your money or die." The fearful child we get it really quickly.

To Show Off
Bullies love showing off. They want to impress the ladies and guys and show their macho muscles (Which I find really disgusting) Personally I think this is the 4th worse thing I hate about them. Ack!

Good luck to people who get bullied. I hope you understand that bullies have reasons too. Don't judge them so quickly though they might be experiencing No. 1

Don't bully. Don't comment negative stuff. Don't be mean. Don't laugh at disabled people or old people or pregnant women etc.. Go help the world and clean it's bad attitude off! Be the change! Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Oh can you do me a favour and..
Comment Positive Stuff,

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08/03/2013 1:15 am
Level 40 : Master Robot
edwardg1's Avatar
kids can be crule
10/04/2013 5:25 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Serin's Avatar
Yes. Yes they can
07/22/2013 3:57 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Bagelewok's Avatar
wonderful :) subbed
07/22/2013 6:48 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Serin's Avatar
Thank you :)
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