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Why Haters Hate Minecraft

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First off, this blog is not about me hating minecraft, rather its about the reasons people don't like the game. See I never understood why people hate minecraft because its a great game and if in an argument you have to look at the problem from both perspectives so In this blog I will pretend I am interviewing a hater and I will explain why haters hate minecraft in a mature way.

Why Do You Hate Minecraft?

Hater : Red

Interviewer: Blue

The Graphics are a piece of crap, everything is pixelated and it looks really bad! We are in 2013, games should have very realistic graphics but clearly minecraft does not.

The graphics in minecraft are not bad but rather making blocks pixelated is considered the style of the game. Here let me explain, you will see games like call of duty that need the good graphics or else the gameplay simply looks bad, on the other hand there are games that have smooth graphics on purpose and adding in realistic graphics would give it the wrong feel. Anyway if you don't like the default minecraft textures you can change them to something more realistic. though the textures have to say in the format of 16X16, 32X32, 64X64, 128X128 or 256X256 pixels on each face of every block. this makes for a lot of variety and if you don't enjoy the grainy textures, you can use a simple texture pack like OCD by disco.

The game has no story, it never ends and that is a problem! All games should have a plot no matter how stupid it is, but here its just make a house, kill some monsters and that is it!

Actually the game does now have a proper end to it where you kill a final boss and you officially beat the game, but the world continues because you are right the game never ends. You have to look at it this way, all games have genres, First Person Shooters like MW3, Puzzle Games Like Portal. Minecraft falls under the category of a 'SandBox' game. A SandBox game is a game were you can do what you want without a story, just like a real sandbox. In minecraft there are steps which you need to take to get better things and progress further and finish the game but you can always continue building and you can always keep playing and this is a big reason why so many people like minecraft.

Nobody actually plays minecraft, its such a crap game that it has barely any sales! And couple thousand people that do actually play it are all 6-10 year olds that just cant play Call Of Duty.

Actually Minecraft has over 10,000,000 (ten million) sales on the pc version and over 5,000,000 (5 million) sales on the Xbox version. And you are also wrong about the ages of people that play minecraft, yes a lot of kids play minecraft because it allows them to be creative in a unique way. I'm 14 and I love minecraft, and I know a lot of people that are older than 16 that play minecraft too. Also many popular gaming channels play minecraft, we can take Captainsparklez, and the yogscast as an example. There are many people who play minecraft on youtube and a lot of them get great feedback.

On an added note, what makes minecraft is the community and how they share and create things. Minecraft has also created jobs and has gotten people like server owners money! Minecraft would not be what it is today without the MILLIONS of people who make videos, texture packs, mods, skins, and blogs like this one about minecraft! Its amazing to think how a little 'indie' game could reach such high standards, its just mind blowing.

The game is made out of blocks! theres only cubes, theres nothing but squares, other games are better because they actually have proper shapes!

The concept of the game is that you can break a block, and place it anywhere you want. theres things that are not full blocks but actually have somewhat of a form like flowers, stairs, slabs, and many more. adding other shapes to the game would make it not work and break the first concept of the game, it would just not work.

There are no guns, all first person games should have guns! There Is nothing but blocks and stupid tools, theres nothing good or new!

The game is based around player vs environment, so there are no guns but there are swords to hit people with and there are bows so you can shoot people at a distance. In multiplayer there can be player vs player and its sword combat rather than gun combat. If you don't like the simple tools or gameplay, there are thousands of great modification that you can add to the game, hell you can make your own if you sat down and coded for a couple days instead of hating on minecraft. As for new stuff, minecraft is always getting updates, they add, change, and fix many things all the time, so you can never really get bored.

The fighting is just holding left click.

actually to be good at pvp you have to keep moving around, you have to worry about armour, health, food. you can block by clicking right click with a sword and you have to keep pressing left click to hit (1 click = 1 hit). Overall the combat could be better but its not easy. Besides I could say that shooting games are just holding 1 button as well...

Theres no real challenge, its just stupid zombies and these weird creeper things.

Actually minecraft has a large variety of hostile mobs. playing it on the hardcore mode is nowhere near easy. Fighting mobs can be very hard and now they can spawn with armour so its even harder. Also they have very good ai so they can walk around things to get to you and get through obstacles and stuff.

Games like minecraft being virtual realities tend to stop children from doing actual fun things like going outside. The children begin to think "Why go outside when there is a virtual world like minecraft to play with on my computer?". We are taking kids away from creative play

Although kids not going outside enough because of games is a problem in many families, minecraft does not stop kids from going outside. The creative aspect of the game is there for kids who want to do something they can't do in real life. Build cathedrals that could never exist. It does not take kids away from 'creative play' at all. Creative play could be a kid making stories with action figures, well minecraft lets you create buildings and it's much more realistic than imagining with toys.

Wow, when I punch a tree, it doesn't fall. Yet they call this a 'realistic game'

Think about it, you're building a house and you can't make a roof because every block you place falls to the ground. It is a realistic game but it's still a game and similar to why the blocks are pixelated, blocks can float. It's because the game is made that way and not all games need to match real life laws of physics to be fun.

The gameplay is so repetitive and linear. You spend so much time mining or killing animals for food. That right there is your whole minecraft experience in a nutshell.

You do spend a lot of your time doing repetitive things but the game has many features and a ton of things to do. You also are not limited to playing survival. There is creative mode and don't even get me started on the possibilities that come with mods, adventure maps and all the great servers. Also there are new patches that add new features all the time so you don't get bored of the same stuff.

It's so glitchy! There are tons of bugs. I don't know how minecraft players live with them!

You are right, bugs are a huge minecraft problem but it's only a temporary problem. Bugs in finished games are not changeable unless that game can be updated which is not the case for most games. Minecraft however is updated very often and Mojang works around the clock to stop bugs and the minecraft community helps out a ton with this by reporting glitches right away. Minecraft will always have bugs but they are always being fixed, and with new updates come new bugs. It's a never ending cycle but it's not that bad.

What is up with the name? 'Minecraft' what a stupid name. Mojang is also stupid and what is with people saying the 'j' in 'Mojang' as a 'y'?

Well, 'Minecraft is a strange name but it represents the basic concepts of the game being 'mining' and 'crafting'. You can't say a companies' name is stupid unless it represents something stupid but 'Mojang' as far as I can tell means nothing but a name which makes your argument invalid. People pronounce 'Mojang' as 'Moyang' because it's swedish and that's how it would be said there. It's kind of how the 'J' in spanish is pronounced as an 'H'. It's just the way it works and names mean nothing anyway, it's all about the game. Hell the game could be called 'Block Breaker 5000' and I would still love it.

So now that you've read this blog you know if your friend ever tells you he/she hates minecraft and tries to make fun of it, and you feel the need to defend minecraft considering it has done nothing for you but given you entertainment you paid for, you can make some intelligent comebacks.

Thanks you for reading this blog, It's by far my most popular one so thanks for that.

If you feel the need to express your feelings theres a conveniently placed comment section below so you can either agree with me or disagree and say 'minecraft still sucks' which would be ironic because you need a Planet Minecraft account to write that.

I'm great at making long sentences aren't I? It's because I write how I would say it in a speech.

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Anyway thanks again for reading, I write a lot I'm sorry. I will see you guys in another blog but until then,

Have a sexy day!

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09/06/2018 2:16 pm
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Great work
10/05/2018 2:14 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
OnlyIn5DYT's Avatar
01/09/2018 4:00 pm
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GoggleD0GG's Avatar
They mainly hate it because of how awful the community is.
08/07/2017 2:16 pm
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LimeeFox's Avatar
Now thats great (+diamond) but if the haters got to answer interviewer's arguments that would be funny to see. Anyways nice blog I couldn't stop myself reading it.
06/22/2017 8:46 pm
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Me too, Minecraft is my favorite!
12/27/2016 2:38 pm
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*Says minecraft has only 6-10 year old kids playing it* *is like omgilovecod*
11/21/2016 3:21 pm
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NoLongerLucky's Avatar
Minecraft is my favorite game, and hearing these comebacks really lightened my spirit. Thanks, OnlyIn5DYT!
Light LuigiStar
11/20/2016 6:20 pm
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Minecraft isn't a bad game. It's just the PVPfags that ruin it.
10/30/2016 1:28 pm
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This has simple, but amazing come backs to all the people that are a pain in the neck that hate about Minecraft all the time... They act like it's what they do for a living sometimes, just hating on a simple game millions love and play.

But in all, this was worth reading. ♥
karma police
07/09/2016 11:50 am
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Idk Why,Not All Games Gotta Have Guns... -Downloads A Mod- Okeh Nao I Have,Are You Happy Yet,Hater?
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