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Why i wasnt uploading things that long


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avatar MaxorJR
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Hi guys ,

Im very sorry that i wasnt uploading blogs or skins or whatever

the fault that i wasnt long on PMC is of Sydael and Gfiti

I tell you why ...

See that Sydael got a picture of a cool guy . For me this was a cool thing and i want to create a skin with this same face and everything would be my own creation. I thought that he will be happy that i maked him this same avatar as on his picture (cuz he didnt have this skin on his own PMC page ) it was lots of work when i finished it and i had this skin once when i uploaded it on PMC i delete it from my computer then i showed Sydael link to the skin but then he said delete it plz because its my skin . Ok then i said but after when i was nealy to delete skin because "Sydael'' want me to delete it my girlfriend camed and she said she and i is going to the park .
When i camed back it get deleted ! Ok i see on my messages cuz there was a red flag i look and it said that from Gfiti:

Removed submission. Reason: Unoriginal

A significant portion of your skin uses parts from other skin(s) that you did not create and therefore do not have the right to reuse. This can include preexisting skins by other members, skin-making programs or official Minecraft textures. Our community is interested in quality, original skins. Make your own. Thanks.

Well i agree with that it wasnt my skin after all but i created it for Sydael because i like doing favours and i did one for him and it just get deleted and plus i get 1 mouth ban for uploading the skins , blogs , Textures or whatever there was . Well i like all the Mods but Gfiti should say sorry for Banning me when i want to delete it but he deleted it and i get 1 mouth ban for uploading things .

Im again sorry guys that i wasnt uploading things and i will upload something soon !

Have a nice day ;)
CreditGfiti , Gamer112 , Sydael

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