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"why is that tree floating?" or How to minecraft

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Welcome to Minecraft!
So you got minecraft and installed it and now you're sitting in your new world going now what? well here is the deal im going to show you not only how to survive your first night but fill you with so much knowledge that you are going to feel like you've been playing for years (Which i have :3)

A little side talk for now from me to you. Try to not ruin the game for yourself do not look up everything the game has to offer part of the fun is finding out new things! so please use this guide to help yourself but if you see something that sounds like fun stop reading this guide and attempt to do it before you ruin an awesome gaming experience! 

There is plenty this game has to offer and more when combined with multiplayer but it is still a finite source of fun.
P.S speaking of online know that as with any game that has an online multiplayer function there are going to be people that will try to get a laugh out of your pain. To be a good online player just do some of the following
-Read the rules
now rules differ from server to server but some are kinda universal such as no hacking, dont be rude and no advertising 
still just because these are the most common does not mean each server will in enforce them
-Dont give out passwords
No mojang staff member will ever ask for your password and if someone does they want to lock you out of your account. 

Stay calm never let your anger get to you. I know simple rule but it does a world of good when you just lost all your gear to a troller or lava.

P.P.S: if you think minecraft looks ugly you can change the texture pack by downloading player made ones using PMC! the Default texture pack uses 16x16 aka 16 pixels by 16 pixels on every block! some of the more popular ones go to 32x32 64x64 even up to 512x512! everything will still look blocky but those are the prettest blocks around town here is 16 vs 32 
32x32(this is from my texture pack that i am working on)
big difference! 
PMC also offers skins that you can use so that when your playing online with your friends you can look your best!

Now enough of the chit chat lets get to playing some minecraft

New game
Before you go in you should know some things you should know:
When you start up the game you will be placed in a part of your world. There are about 20 biomes some rarer than others and each offer something different! Some examples are Desert, 

-Every world is unique
Every world is different no two worlds are the same and the worlds are huge! 64,000,000 blocks by 64,000,000 so feel free to explore without hitting an invisble wall 

There is a limited amount of time you have before night sets in. You have 10 mins of daylight, 7 mins of nighttime and 3 mins of dusk/dawn both lasting 1min and 30 secs. You have 10 mins to get items you need to survive the night!

You have hunger bars and they will deplete as you do work (Mining, running, swimming etc) This is one of the first things you should work at. You can get food from alot of places which ill go more in depth but for now just know that you start with the max of 10 "Shanks"

The benefits are that you can sprint and you slowly regenerate health

At 8.5 Shanks 
you no longer regen health but can still run

At 3 Shanks
You can no longer Sprint

At 0 Shanks
The hunger bar will shake and depending on your difficulty you will slowly lose health until you die

Surviving the first night
Start off by taking in your surroundings!

The best "Biome" to start off in is the forest but everyone has thier preference own preference (Mine is swamp) depending on your biome you will need to secure some items If you are in a biome with trees get plenty of wood. if you are not in a biome with trees find one remeber you have 10 mins

To help you even more im going to show you something useful that you can use in single and multiplayer.

Pressing f3+h  will let you see the item ID and see how many uses an item has left
As you can see this bow has 31 uses until it is broken

(Note) If you have the unbreaking enchant on a item it will not increase the durability it will just make it so that it takes around 3 blocks/shots/swings to take away one durability

Doing f3+b makes you see hitboxes and what direction the mob is looking at also shows yours and other players hitboxes 
This is useful when used with the bow
(even more in pvp)

some more useful controls are 
f3+S(force reload)
f3+T(Texture reload)
Shift+f3+f(increase render distance)
f3+f(decrease render distance)

Now back to the game

After getting some wood you will need to get food!  you can get food from a wide varity of places incudueing animals crops and fishing.
Crops will take too long and you most likely wont have string to fish as those are only from spiders and cobwebs so the only thing left is animals. 

When hunting animals be keep in mind that you have to pick up what they drop so dont push a animal into lava to kill or push it off a cliff. Another thing to keep in mind is that animals will go crazy if you attack them and they will run around. The best animal to hunt is cows as they give you leather and beef. (Keep any leather you get as they will be useful for armor)

After you get some leather and meat time to get wool! 
Wool is important as it allows you to make a bed so you can skip the night , However you should not sleep not yet as there is still more to do.
hold up!!!!
"What if i dont have my stuff yet and its night!" i hear you crying not to worry i understand sometimes it take 9 mins to get out of a desert but do not fret you still have a high chance to survive. Get wood if you cant dig a hole and cover the top stay until night time is over and emerge from your hole but be careful zombies and skeletons will burn but creepers will not so run away if you see one

So now that you got the basics its time to make a base!
now your base does not have to look pretty it just needs to protect you from mobs. It will also need a crafting table, a furnace, a bed and 2 chests.
Recipes for these buildings

Once you got that it is time to do what every player must MINE!

The night has come and it is time to retreat back to the saftey of your base. Now while you may have a bed to skip the night with its best to just start mining. (if you dont want to damage the inside your base then you can just sleep and start a mineshaft outside)

Before you start mining its best to judge how much your going to mine
Are you going to mine until your inventory is full?
Are you just going to get some coal and stone?
What if my pick breaks?
Do i have enough torches?
All of these questions you must take into consideration as mining is dangours and loss of life can also mean the loss of gear

The dangers of mining include:
-Falling to your doom
-Monsters that spawn in the dark
-Getting lost in the vast maze of caves
-Monsters pushing you into LAVA!

(Note)Dying in lava is the worst way to die as all your items burn and you lose them forever!

While mining is deadly it leads to great riches inculding treasure chest from dungeons, useful reasources, strongholds/mineshafts and of course Diamonds!
So before you mine here are some useful items you should have first
(you do not need every item here this list just ensures that you will be ready for almost every situation and for a long mining trip

-at least 64 torches
Mining in the dark makes it hard to see but the monster will see you just fine so put a couple down to keep them from spawning 
-food (64 cooked meats or 2 stacks for bread [64 of an item = 1 stack])
youll get hungry from all that mining
-2 pickaxes (try to get an iron pickaxe as soon as possible)
pickaxes are the most important tool in mining and with an iron pickaxe you can mine any ore in the game however nothing feels worse than being deep underground and having only a broken pickaxe to work with so bring a spare
-A sword
mobs spawn in the dark and youll need to defend yourself simple as that
-64 logs
use this to make a minibase under ground this is useful for those long mining trips
make a crafting table and you can make tools or torches 
-A shovel
sometimes dirt gets in the way and if you break it with your pickaxe it degreades it much faster than a stoneblock would same goes for attacking a mob with a tool it will break sooner

-A bucket full of water
use it to exstinguish fire and you can place it on the walls to create a waterfall that you can climb!

After you have mined your resources you can head back up and start crafting!
WIP(i know i might not make the contest deadline but im going to keep updating this until i feel it is done!)

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by bombthezoms 12/10/2015 5:44:39 pmDec 10th, 2015

Shown people texture packs and skins as i feel they make minecraft more immersive

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12/09/2015 11:23 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
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Good way to start is with the base mechanics such as "hunger".

Anyway good luck with the contest although you're competition!
12/09/2015 5:03 pm
Level 21 : Expert Hunter
bombthezoms's Avatar
thank you very much!
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