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Why Minecraft?

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ninjahunter120 avatar ninjahunter120
Level 41 : Master Fox
I guess this is a blog about, well, you can tell from the title, "Why Minecraft?"

Because, well, at face value, Minecraft stinks. Terrible graphics, silly gameplay (punching trees!?) and scary monsters. This all fuel why not to play Minecraft. So why do I think Minecraft has done so well, um... mainly because it has such an original idea that no one cares about anything but the idea. It isn't a game like today where it is literally stuff like, kill this amount of enemies and destroy this much stuff, it has no instructions whatsoever and I would hope that it stays like that.

How did people even find this game, people can't just wake up in the morning and say, I am going to find the most original game out there. To be totally honest, I was looking for a mod that would modify Command and Conquer (ftw)
on a website. On the pop reel came Minecraft. Looking into it I literally said out loud, "this game looks so dumb!" Just like that. Few days later, Alpha 1.2.6 or something like that happened and saw it again, and I just had to get that game because I saw that it wasn't just the graphics that make a game great, but of what the idea of the gameplay is about. Take pac-man so many people play it still... okay, bad example... anyway, you get my point (I hope).

I guess what i'm asking is how did you find Minecraft and what were you thinking when you first saw it?


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11/14/2012 5:39 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Creeper
ABlindSniper115 avatar
Its actually a rather interesting story of how I found Minecraft. My friend had an Ipod touch, and for the longest time I wanted one too. When I eventually got one, me and my friend would constantly be trying to get games we could play together. This one we got we played for a while, and while I was playing it I saw an ad for a Machinima app. I thought, 'That sounds cool. I'll download it.' So I used the app for a bit, and eventually I thought, 'Hey, I'm going to try a different series now.' The series I found: Minecraft Top 5 Creations.
11/14/2012 5:41 pm
Level 41 : Master Fox
ninjahunter120 avatar
One of the more interesting ones I've heard, sweet story!
07/25/2012 6:33 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Pony
Peels9765 avatar
At least Pac-Stallion Adventures in Time was good...
04/09/2012 5:11 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Nerd
KillerHippie avatar
i play minecraft because you don't have to follow a story line or rules, and that really anoys me about other games that there is really only one outcome.
04/07/2012 10:27 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Unicorn
Dawnwhisker avatar
My best friend told me a year ago, he found an awesome game. JK! A couple years ago, maybe two or three, my cousin told me that he found a game called Minecraft. I thought it was a game on the Android Market, but look at it now. The reason I like it is because all of the things you can build. Houses, boats, pixel-arts, endless possibilities.
04/06/2012 6:46 pm
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
RoughSpirit avatar
Hmm...I think it was the simplicity. The feeling of reward. Every time I died, I laughed at myself.

It was just so easy to pick up and play.
04/06/2012 2:39 pm
Level 28 : Expert Spider Rider
MineCraftGuy47 avatar
i saw PaberBatVG playing minecraft on youtube and i wanted it so bad i play it so i can hang out with people friends and build :D
04/06/2012 2:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Fox
ninjahunter120 avatar
I originally started out with Minecraft Dad, Pbat is cool too!
04/06/2012 2:44 pm
Level 28 : Expert Spider Rider
MineCraftGuy47 avatar
thx :D
01/03/2012 12:28 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Pony
stitchbot720 avatar
my friend told me about mc, i then got my friend into it
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