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Will We See Another Great (Project?)

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wags678's Avatar wags678
Level 43 : Master Explorer
So this is my first time trying to put text in a picture on a blog. Never done this before, I just wanted to see how it would turn out. Leave opinions in comments please. Maybe I should do this more often, you know. I took about 2 hours (paint.net isn't the best at when you are typing), but yeah. Enjoy the blog! (Great means like a type of Minecraft map/project that did REALLY well with over 100,000 downloads...)              Will We See Another Great (Project?)

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01/03/2015 7:34 am
Level 30 : Artisan Archer
Gen0ezteam's Avatar
I know why it isn't popular, same old stuff, Mineples this, arham that. Minecraft getting more technical, people don't like that. Mini games make me feel sick, I like the factions, SG and HG. If these were fixed, Minecraft would just be as popular as last time. Not to mention we need their to be hackers so we can fear them, and Herobrine or something needs to become popular again.

EDIT: If Minecraft 2 ever comes out, it needs to have all the things above fixed.
12/25/2014 1:32 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Baconator
BenDragonsword's Avatar
I think one of the other big problems at this point is that Minecraft is getting more and more complex and so in order to meet the "current standards" projects have to be even better. Temple of Notch was great because it used the limited technology of that version to its fullest - same with Dropper. At this point, it would take a collaboration of great creators to make a project that would actually be seen as an "all-time great".

I mean, there are builds today that greatly outclass those old builds, but those builds got 1) Super-Hyped and 2) Reached a new standard for their time period.
12/25/2014 1:37 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Baconator
BenDragonsword's Avatar
Too many great creators compete... if we got some together then maybe..

SethBling (Concept) + Hypixel (Development) + Hydraxus (Pure Build Quality) = Win.
12/24/2014 8:38 am
Level 42 : Master Nether Knight
10Andrew's Avatar
I think we could have another great...

Planet Minecraft is always at the centre of the greats before they go onto youtube and it could be like that again. What if instead of having one of these competitions we have a ONE time thing where PMC sets up a temporary server where we get the community to come together and create a amazing build!

Although, that could just end up in complete chaos :/ Yeah, propably complete chaos :D

BTW, blog was great. Had a good christmas feel to it!
12/24/2014 3:54 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Ikea's Avatar
Yea. I still have nostalgia now.
from umm.
past accounts.
which I wiped out to move on.
Minecraft Expert
12/23/2014 6:56 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Architect
Minecraft Expert's Avatar
They should remove these projects or create a new list to add these projects to so we can get more space for popularity.
12/24/2014 3:18 am
Level 75 : Legendary Gent Programmer
Zitzabis's Avatar
There is never a reason to remove rule abiding content, no matter how popular it is. It's just not fair.
12/23/2014 4:15 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
PixelCrash_'s Avatar
I don't think that any new project will make it onto the most popular list. Why? Because those projects receive thousands of views and downloads a day. They've been well-known in the Minecraft community for years.

There are still great builds/mini-games/adventure maps being made. However, maps like the Dropper and the Temple of Notch have the advantage of time.
12/23/2014 3:07 pm
Level 43 : Master Explorer
wags678's Avatar
I don't think many people understand what I mean by makeup no this bog. Great MEANS a map that is in the Most Popular list. Of COURSE, there are many good projects, the ones hard to find, but I mean, when will it be time for another map to be praised The Dropper and others. And I wasn't thinking right about Emptiness. I meant by making maps while nothing was out, EVERYONE would download it., because there is nothing else. Also answering one person, the popularity of Minecraft was already going down, not because of maps and stuff. Already not as many play it, I'm not saying this is the cause.
12/23/2014 2:29 pm
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
MissWriter's Avatar
The reason all these projects were made years ago and nothing has come out since?

Because they take forever to make.

It isn't a sign of Minecraft popularity dropping, I think, but a sign that the more you can do in a game with each update, the more complicated the maps get, and the more time it takes for people to make them.
The Temple of Notch is much less complicated than The Dropper. If you had to pick one of those to re-make and you only had a week? The Temple would be easy. The Dropper would be insane.

If you mean "great projects" in general and not custom special command block/modded playthrough maps, there are tons of those on the Projects page--often because there is WorldEdit or other tools to make building a lot easier.
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