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[WIP] Modding Tutorial [Development Environment] [1.7.10] [Part 1]

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Some of the Information below May be incorrect!!!

Setting up Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.7 requires you to do quite a lot of things. In the next few tutorials I will explain everything you will have to do.

Before you can start modding there are some programs you require to have on your pc. The first one is the Java SDK. Download the Java SDK over here.

Once you have that installed you need Eclipse , you can get from here, and it comes in download pack. extract all files to a folder like so:
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[WIP] Modding Tutorial [Development Environment] [1.7.10] [Part 1]

Then you are going to want to run gradlew.bat, after that is done you are going to need to open a Command Prompt Window as Administrator, then enter the following command in:

cd [dir]

[dir] is the directory you extracted the files to:

[WIP] Modding Tutorial [Development Environment] [1.7.10] [Part 1]

[WIP] Modding Tutorial [Development Environment] [1.7.10] [Part 1]

Once it says something like: then you need to enter the next command

then you need to enter the next command:

gradlew setDecompWorkspace
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Wait for it to complete

To Be continued....

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07/20/2016 9:35 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
ArtifactHunter avatar
One: I have Linux, but I can adapt it because the command are EXTREMELY similar.
Two: Gradlew is the problem --_-- it doesn't like loading
08/12/2016 3:41 am
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I use linux too.

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace should be ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace (for linux)
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