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Wither boss tactic and nether star explanation.

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avatar Gamecool 10
Level 20 : Expert Archer
Hey guys, Gamecool 10 here to give you some useful tips about beating the wither in battle.


Now, the wither is the strongest mob in Minecraft, even stronger than the enderdragon! So you will need to be SERIOUSLY prepared. here's what gear I recommend...

Bows and arrows......
Diamond armor (You seriously need this one!)......
And a diamond sword.
(Note: These are just the basic items that you need. You can use TnT if you some how manage to trap the wither!)


The wither is no easy mob to defeat. (assuming you have no cheats on!) Beating it yields great rewards such as the nether star but we'll get to that later.

This is my main tactic when battleing.

1. Create the wither at the bottom of your mine,

2. Create some sort of platform that can resist explosions (I recommend obsidian.)

3. Put on your armor and equip yours bow and arrows.

4. Launch a barrage at the wither below you.

5. At half health, the wither falls to the ground and is immune to bow shots, at this stage, prepare for the biggest battle; equip your sword and attack! Do it quickly though, the wither regenerates a small amount of health after losing half of it.

( For this stage, I recommend bringing in a heap of regeneration and healing potions, the wither uses some powerful attacks!)


Killing the wither leads to one of the most rewarding things in Minecraft.

1. Bragging rights

And more importantly.....

2. A nether star!

Nether star's work by producing a magical buff when concentrated through glass and obsidian. This is known as a beacon. The craftingrecipes areas follows.

A beacon has a variety of magical buffs. A few of these are,

Haste (Increased mining speed.)

Speed (Increased walking/running speed.)

And resistance (Attacks from other mobs/players are weaker.)


The wither is a very hard boss but with skill and equipment, you'll beat it (And feel awesome) in no time.

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Thanks for reading!

NOTE: This is just one of many other tactics. If this does not work for you, try something else!
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