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wither skull shot. (minedea contest entry)

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superstar202's Avatar superstar202
Level 43 : Master Pixel Painter
okay so my mod is of the wither boss mobs skull attack, so you can use this to kill mobs and if you hit them but they're still alive the wither effect will take place and will suck their health away and you regenerate as long as the wither effect is there, it has a homing in feature that which ever mob is on your cursor (the little "+" in the middle of your screen.) it will home in on them until they are hit, this can be dangerous though 'cause if you're too close to the intended target you'll damage yourself badly. to close would be within' the same range as a charged creeper's explosion. if there are no mobs in sight then wherever you're aiming at it will fly that direction, it will destory all blocks except for bedrock and ores. (making it great for mining for diamonds.) this attack will deal 5 hearts of damage when it makes contact the wither effect will remain for 15 seconds and is great for fighting those hard to hit mobs such as the wither boss, ghasts (considered a waste to some extent), and the enderdragon. hope you all like the mod idea. ^_^

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12/04/2012 3:45 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Magical Girl
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Yes!..... this could be done like a ghast or blaze to shooting blaze charges
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