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What is the Pop Reel and how do I get on it?


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Level 33 : Artisan Ninja
Hey guys, this is actually one of my first intimate blogs.

Well we know what this is about The pop reel.

Let's start shall we....

What is the pop reel?
As far as I know, the pop reel (popular reel) is a point in time when your submission is gaining any kind of favourable feedback. Such as diamonds, favourites, and a lot of nice comments. There's a different from being popular and being on the pop reel. The pop reel is on your submissions where you're 'reeling' in good stuff (diamonds, favs, etc...) while being popular is when a user is well.. well know. You know. Paril, Leostereo and ZaphodX. They usually have stuff on the pop reel. They post awesome.. by default.

Why do people want to be on the pop reel?
Whether you know this or not, it's kinda obvious that people wanna get popular.


(Of course, there'z he 'modest' type where you try and act like you do nothing). The pop reel boosts your level and gives you a good image on PMC (and other place where you get up content) all around. That's what people want. It feels good, it is good and um.. something else...

HOWWF DO I get on pEOP reel?
Ok, hold on. You don't just get on a boat and start putting some kind of rod in the sea and picking out stuff.. (Oh wait, that's basically fishing...). Well first, you gotta have a game (not PLAYA). I mean you know when you see people with like 4 views, and 1 comments and then they're like 'SUB MEH SUB MEH SUB MEH.' Noone is going to sub you if your gonna be a douche (excuse me if that language is not allowed). You start posting interesting attractive stuff.

It's so much about the image all the time. I mean some blogs can have a trollface as their image and might as well have a few Pulitzer Prizes. It's about the content.

  • If it's a blog, it's about how you explain what your doing and how much you interact with the reader.
  • If it's a skin, it's about how it looks, how it's shaded, how much time you put in to it
  • If it's a mod, it's about how it changes the game, the idea you thought of, how many bugs it has
  • If it's a texture, it's about almost the same as a skin but everyone knows these take a long time. So make sure they come out good.
  • If it's a project, it's about how it's built, what it looks, that look people get when you build a Colosseum. You know. It's gotta be good.
Just try your hardest and you never know what might happen.

If you liked this, just comment what you think and give me some feedback on how good it is.. You know a diamond..

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  • XDscoper420
  • Level 22
  • Expert Engineer
  • July 2, 2016, 1:02 am
Um... That is actually quite unfair for Pocket Edition users. Technically speaking, I see quite a lot of projects on the PopReel are actually made using programs like WorldEdit or WorldPainter. However, Pocket Edition users encounter two problems. Either:
1) They simply cannot build those massive structures we see, or
2) Their devices just cannot handle such large builds.
See how unfair that is?
  • nolez15
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Toast
  • March 28, 2014, 10:14 am
That isn't what the pop reel is.

The pop reel is the scrolling image list of the most popular submissions on the front page of the site or a certain section.
  • MattMin3
  • Level 44
  • Master Dragonborn
  • March 25, 2014, 6:14 pm
This is an excellent and great blog post! Diamond for you!
I really hate when people say "SUB MEH NOW OR ELES", they can't even spell >.>

And to the people that want to get on the Pop Reel, just have fun making what you want.
Because I just made a mod for fun and in 4 days it reached the Pop reel.
the pop reel is when ur submission is high on whats hot or it goes on the image reel at the top of the page

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