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avatar Blake1197
Level 23 : Expert Taco
I may not upload a lot,but I love to record and I record... A LOT! my problem is I can't upload due to the fact that
I: have no time to do so, no proper editing software (WMM isn't gonna cut it for me) and my RAM memory is too low to record effectively (my recordings are at 15 FPS which is the same as my MC FPS when I'm recording)

I want to get some more subscribers so I can at least be able to upload, I record with fraps but, no way to upload, If I can get YouTube partnership I can use the scheduled Uploader which will help me a lot. it would also help to have the subscribers... but that's for a different reason XD.

oh I don't only do MC but it's a large portion of my vids and recordings

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ludicritical?feature=mhee

I'll leave my DA for shiz and giggles: http://benedictmysterius.deviantart.com/

and look at SVSR or my vanilla sword re-placer :3: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/sharkys-vanilla-sword-replacer-set-a-svsr/
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