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20000+ Random Villager Names! (Villager Names [1.18x])

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TheDiamondPlayables avatar TheDiamondPlayables
Level 78 : Legendary Programmer
Introducing: Villager Names!
Villager Names is a datapack that adds random names to Villagers!
The datapack has a wide pool of over 20000 names to choose from,

so you'll always be getting new and unique names every time you see a new villager!
More Details:
- Gives Villagers completely randomized names!
+ Over 20000 Names to choose from!
+ Look at them to reveal their name.
+ Names not in white are customized and are more special than others!
Also works well with my other datapacks, and in Multiplayer!
Have fun!
Download Villager Names for other versions:
20000+ Random Villager Names! (Villager Names [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack
By installing this or any other packs that I made, you agree to the terms set by this license:
20000+ Random Villager Names! (Villager Names [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack
Some Exceptions:
You can make a video using my datapack, which can be monetized.
However, you need to leave a PlanetMinecraft download link of the pack
in the description of your video.
You can also find me on:
YouTube: Where I post showcase videos, typically 15 days prior to its PMC release.
(Same time as the Patreon's Early Access Release)
Discord: Where I post updates, plans, host community testing sessions, and more!

20000+ Random Villager Names! (Villager Names [1.18x]) Minecraft Data Pack

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

Version 18-2 + Updated Description: : by TheDiamondPlayables 02/20/2022 9:07:22 pmFeb 20th

- Updated tagging system to a more uniformed format.

Note for those who have used the pack before:
To update properly you need to uninstall the previous update then install this one.
This should only be the case for this update though.

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04/25/2022 9:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Giintaras avatar
non-white names.. you must bring made up american issues huh
03/26/2022 12:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Elliottbear avatar
Margaret thatcher has got to be the whitest name I've ever heard
01/18/2022 7:42 pm
Level 26 : Expert Warrior
Creeper_awwwwww_man avatar
i like it!
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