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wisd8m avatar wisd8m
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
My data pack that adds structures. There aren't a ton of them, so I recommend using with other additional structures data packs.

Here is a list of all the structures I added:

/locate ID: extra:ruins

A simple structure with a slightly modified version of the dungeon loot table. Generates all over the place. Good starter structure.

Nether ruins
/locate ID: extra:nether_ruins

A version of the above structure but in the nether. Has different loot, though.

Forest Ruins:
/locate ID: extra:forest

A ruined building found in forests, plains, and dark forests. It has loot that's good enough to get you off to a great start, just beware of the zombie spawner if you enter at night.

Pillager Ships:
/locate ID: extra:ship

An intact version of a shipwreck. An alternative source of many ocean-related items.

Cave Towers:
/locate ID: extra:cave

A small tower found underground. Has 2 randomly generated rooms. Medium loot with a medium challenge.

Illager Towers:
/locate ID: extra:tower

The most ambitious structure in this pack. Has a lower level with 4 randomly generated rooms. Above that, has a library with stronghold library loot, and two more floors of randomly generated rooms. Top level has an Illusioner and two Evokers. Upper and top levels have great loot, but are absolutely filled with pillagers and vindicators.

Trader Huts:
/locate ID: extra:trader_hut

Found in plains or forests, trader huts are home to three custom villager: The Beekeeper, The Sailor, and The Adventurer.

The beekeeper and the sailor can save you the time of farming bee and ocean-related items. As for the adventurer, his items are difficult to find otherwise, but he charges a steep price.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by wisd8m 11/25/2022 10:58:06 amNov 25th

Nerfed the ship spawn rate, touched up the description a little.

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