R.I.P Techno <3
  • About TheMcPig...

    Hello, I'm TheMcPig. I'm an Master Pig here at PMC.

    I like making skins and data packs, and always enjoy spending some time here and there on the chat.

    I'm doing this just for fun, but I hope can get to level 50. (4 more levels omggggg)

    "The pig will never give up to get its carrot"

    Here's a list of the things that have been featured on popular reel:
    Cursed data pack
    Baby crafts
    Craftable ores
    Craftable command blocks
    Craftable notch apples
    WAY too overpowered chests
    Impossible to lose
    Just a meme
    Light Saber
    2-bit creeper (how though)
    2-bit zombie
    Another meme lol
    The letter i
    Guaranteed Wither Skull
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      July 2, 2022, 10:10 am to Public
      About Techno...

      Tecnnoblade was an amazing person, content creator, and always made people laugh. I started watching Techno a few months ago and I gotta say, his videos we're pretty dang funny. I would've never thought that it would come to an end. After spending the rest of his life with stage FOUR cancer, it's now proven that he's a legend.
      I just wanted to say, that Technoblade will never truly die, and that he will live in our hearts and heads for as long as we can remember. Please go share kind words about Techno's family, as I don't even know how much they must be grieving at this time. He died at 23 years old, which is extremely unfortunate. Techno started his channel at 13 years old, that means ten years of making people smile.
      I am very sad about the situation as well, and even more so as I am one with the pig army. I can relate with Techno's friends, as one of my childhood friends passed away in elementary school.
      Thank you so much Technoblade for making the world a better place, and we all love you <3

      Techno never dies.
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