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[1.14.X] Automated Quarries v0.9.2 (datapack)

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    ReLapis avatar ReLapis
    Level 48 : Master Technomancer
    Automated Quarries

    A datapack that allows you to craft and place down quarries, as well as upgrade them during their run.

    It's Multiplayer Friendly!

    Craft a lapis workbench.
    Then use that to craft the quarry.
    (See images or book for crafting recipes)

    Use /trigger QuarryBook to gain the tutorial book.
    Use /function quarry:blocks/quarry/summon to summon the quarry block

    Found a bug, want help, or just to chat?
    Join the discord at: discord.gg/rPr2euY
    Want to quickly test the datapacks?
    Join my server: mc.relapis.uk

    Quarry Upgrades
    Show Particle area
    - Insert a torch

    Speed Upgrade
    - Redstone blocks
    - 8 blocks per level up to 64 blocks

    Ignore Stones + Dirt (and other common generated)
    - Stonecutter

    - Adds 1 level of fortune for every type of the following items (not how many of them):
    - Nether Star, Dragon Egg, Enchanted Golden Apple, Totem of Undying

    Silk Touch
    - 8 Slime Blocks

    Requires LapisCore, which can be found here:
    It will work for 1.14, however 1.14.1 fixed datapack order loading, which fixes a couple of integrations with LapisCore
    he ResourcePack can be found here:


    - Updated the books

    - Moved workbench and lockbox to LapisCore datapack
    - Fixed a lot of bugs
    - Fixed a lot of Dampener functionality

    New in v0.4
    - Added Techno Armor
    - Auto-hill-Step function
    - Added katana
    - 3D models for drill and katana
    - Added area dampener
    - Added Admin menu -> /trigger QuarryAdmin
    - Added Dampeners for Dummies book

    New in v0.3
    - Batteries - a crafting component for the mod!
    - Charger - charges power items!
    - Drill - A faster and rechargeable diamond pickaxe!

    - This uses the squid_spawn_egg for the blocks.
    - The resource pack overrides the command_block json model, and you may need to merge those if combining with another resource pack.

    Planned Features
    - A "Filler" to fill in an area
    - A vacuum hopper
    - Somehow deal with chests in a better way
    - A way to power the quarry to stop/start them
    - Chunkloaders
    - Allow drill to mine wood + dirts quicker
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14

    10 Update Logs

    Update v0.93 : by ReLapis 08/24/2019 5:49:29 amAug 24th, 2019

    - Charged Batteries can now be used as a Tinkery Modifier, which allows tools to recharge

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    08/13/2019 4:56 amhistory
    Level 1 : New Miner
    cohbear avatar
    hey, just got this and managed to get the machine workbench so far but it keeps popping up on my screen
    Please run command: /forceload add 0 0
    but when I do the command it doesn't work and it keeps popping up every couple of seconds.

    edit: i figured it out, thanks anyway
    05/26/2019 2:28 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    EvilTroll avatar
    Hi, where can I change the destroy area?
    05/26/2019 3:33 pm
    Level 48 : Master Technomancer
    ReLapis avatar
    Assuming you mean the quarry area, currently you cant

    It's a planned feature I'm working on
    05/20/2019 3:21 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Lil Sachmo
    Lil Sachmo avatar
    Hello, I can craft the machine workbench and place it down however, I can not craft anything inside of it. Please help.
    05/20/2019 6:46 am
    Level 48 : Master Technomancer
    ReLapis avatar
    Crafted items are not given directly to the player, they are spawned on top-of the workbench.
    I've created a new version which updates the books detailing crafting recipes, make sure to read them accurately.
    What are you trying to craft? Can you link a screenshot?
    05/20/2019 12:04 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    keitsh avatar
    Hi, what configuration does it require in the server.properties for the datapack to work?

    I have a minecraft server, but when I place a torch in the quarry, the particle marking the zone is not displayed.
    Another thing, the Machine Workbench can not be crafted.

    PD: : The server is from 1.14.1, in 1.14 it works fine.

    Thank you.-

    Sorry for my bad English.
    05/20/2019 5:47 am
    Level 48 : Master Technomancer
    ReLapis avatar
    I think the server.properties just needs command-blocks enabled.
    As for the resourcepack on a server, you just need to link to a direct download of the .zip file.

    try doing /forceload add 0 0
    A specific entity needs to be spawned at 0,0,0 for quarries to work, if that chunk is unloaded, it cannot be spawned there.
    The machine workbench has a different crafting recipe now since it moved to LapisCore, I forgot to change the book.
    The top row is -> lapis lazuli - redstone dust - lapis lazuli
    The second row is -> iron bar - smithing table - iron bar
    I am currently changing the books, and will release a new version shortly
    05/20/2019 5:54 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    keitsh avatar
    Thank you very much, now it works correctly.

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