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Better Chests Loot Datapack Vanilla+ 1.16

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Porru07 avatar Porru07
Level 40 : Master Dragon
Better Chests Loot is a vanilla friendly datapack, it makes LootTables slightly better by adding new items to them and improving the chances of getting more and better loot. You can find more diamonds, or you may find better enchanted tools, or you might find totems of undying or tridents.

Other datapacks make the LootTables OP or extremely better, my idea is to improve the rewards that you can obtain by exploring while being vanilla friendly, that is the point of the datapack.

Better Chests Loot is the first of my "vanilla plus" collection. My plan is to make more datapacks and resourcepacks, and keep actualizing it. I won't make a 1.17 version, I will jump directly to 1.18.

Almost every LootTable was modified, only "decorative chests" and village chests weren't.

If you find some kind of bug, please tell me on the comments. The most commond bug is an empty chest along with all of the chests that share that LootTable.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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12/01/2021 8:04 am
Level 40 : Master Dragon
Porru07 avatar
Better Chests Loot Datapack for version 1.18 uploaded!
10/23/2021 9:00 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
PaoloPablo12441 avatar
I think that some of them are just a bit op, you can reduce by a bit the amount of diamond and/or emeralds that you can find, and maybe add some potions and make them a bit more rare, anyway this is a good datapack :)
10/25/2021 8:26 am
Level 40 : Master Dragon
Porru07 avatar

About the amonut of diamond of emeralds, may you tell me what kind of chests give so much diamonds (or other items)?

Also, I want you to know that I make a division of the chests in Minecraft based on the rarity of the structure, (for example: on a normal survival you will loot 1 or 2 strongholds, but with this new loot you may consider visit 3 or 4)
In addition, the amount of chests on that structure, on a jungle temple there are only 2, jungles are a bit strange, and jungle temple is not very commond, so the loot should be great, like mansions. More commond structures, like desert pyramid should not be as great as other structure.
Then we have the difficulty of exploration, a bastion is not the same as a shipwreck.
That is the criterion, the rarity of the structure, the number of chests and the difficulty of exploring it.

One last thing, I tried to add potions, but is not as easy as adding other items, but in future versions I will add.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)
10/26/2021 2:32 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
PaoloPablo12441 avatar
Well good point, i didn't think about that

I hope you will be able to add potions, i think that they are something that players don't use too much, maybe with this datapack they can change their ideas

You're welcome ;)
10/22/2021 5:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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