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Bioshock Data Pack

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Level 21 : Expert Crafter
Bioshock Data Pack
By Chickenwinna


How to get Adam and Plasmids:

In order to get plasmids you must first craft Adam using the custom recipe featured in the images.
Then once you have it drop an item that you wanna add to it (each item is specific to an ability) and right click with the Adam on the dropped item to infuse it with the ability.Adam infused with an item looks like this. Right click with the Adam now to get the ability.Then all you have to do is open chat and left click the slot you want to assign the ability to and now you can start using them.(Note: Electro Bolt is the default ability so it might not be best to make it first)
Also all the items for the different abilities are listed bellow along with the plasmid they give.

Plasmids: Special actions that can be done at the cost of XP (Costs vary). Each has 3 tiers that can be upgraded into.

:ElectroBolt: Stuns enemies for a period of time and does some damage. Kills easy in water.
Gold Block

:Incinerate: Set enemies on fire, meaning they will constantly take damage and set any land they step in on fire as well.
Fire Charge

:WinterBlast: Freeze enemies in place for a while, they can't attack you in this state but if they die they don't drop any items.
Blue Ice

:InsectSwarm: Unleash a horde of particularly small but deadly bees that attack and disorientate targets.

:CycloneTrap: Set a trap that will launch anything that steps on it straight up into the air.

:Decoy: Place a fake villager down that will disappear after a while which will attract mobs like zombies.
Armor Stand

:Hypnotize: Temporarily hypnotize a target (one at a time) to be indifferent to players.

:Telekinesis: Lift/Grab certain entities with your mind such as minecarts or arrows to throw around or something.

:Scout: Allows you to project yourself away from your physical body for a limited time. In this state you are invisible and faster but your main body is still vulnerable.

:SecurityCommand: Attracts creepers to it which immediately explode.

:SonicBoom: Blows enemies away from you.
Soul Sand

:Enrage: Causes targets to immediately attack the nearest mob.
Redstone Block

:Ironsides: Puts up a temporary shield around the user that will transport any shot arrows that collide with it into the players inventory.
Iron Bars

:Antidote: On a living mob it will heal them. On an undead mob it will either cure them or kill them.
Nether Star
CreditMade by Chickenwinna, with some help from Leafesque
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

1.5 Update : 04/12/2021 12:42:06 pmApr 12th

Fixed a couple issues with the plasmids erasing items or just generally being buggy in the inventory.
Improved performance a bit.

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04/08/2021 9:02 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
VampanteOfficial avatar
oh i see you doing stuff with science pack, now its time for me to finish magic pack >:D
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