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                    avatar Endernice61
                    Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
                    Ever want to decorate using netherite blocks, but never have enough because how rare netherite is? This datapack allows for you to decorate without consuming resources.

                    This datapack is still in development. Not every block works yet. There are a lot of blocks.

                    Functional textures:

                    To use the block disguise, place it then right click with the desired block.

                    To make the nearest disguise bright, do "/tag @e[​sort=nearest,tag=paper,limit=1] add light"
                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                    1 Update Logs

                    Update #1 : 12/17/2020 11:58:44 amDec 17th, 2020

                    Added a few more blocks.
                    Changed orientation when placed.
                    Item now spawns .5 blocks back so it is easier to pickup.

                    01/20/2021 10:06 am
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    Can you post images of how the wallpaper looks?
                    01/20/2021 1:36 pm
                    Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
                    It would just look like normal minecraft(or like I used creative mode to make a netherite floor).
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